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Product launches on 2024-04-24 - 1 products


Discover Painkiller Business Ideas Today

One of the hardest parts of starting a business is finding an idea. Even then, most ideas are "vitamins" (nice to have). What you want is a "painkiller" idea that helps solve actual problems. Painkillr gives you those ideas.

Product launches on 2024-04-25 - 3 products


The all in one SEO platform

Swiftbrief is the brief generation engine that helps you scale your SEO content with data.



AI assistant for productivity tools

Assista transforms business productivity with AI, enabling voice or text command control over multiple apps. Streamline tasks, enhance efficiency, and reduce completion times effortlessly.



Perfect your sales pitch with realistic AI roleplays

AI roleplays to perfect your sales pitch. Sharpen your sales pitch by practicing your cold-calls with realistic AI buyers. Create your own AI-buyer with customizable personalities, objections, and instructions tailored to your business context.

Product launches on 2024-04-26 - 1 products


Turn text into viral TikToks and Shorts with AI

CopyCopyter is a generative AI text-to-video tool that repurposes long text content (blogs, newsletters, ideas or websites) into short, viral videos. Create and Edit social media videos in a few seconds, without needing expert editing skills.

Product launches on 2024-04-28 - 1 products

FAQ Generator

Enter website URL, get a ready AI-generated FAQ

This FAQ generator uses AI technology to analyze the given website URL and based on common queries for similar websites automatically generate a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Product launches on 2024-04-30 - 1 products

WorldClass App

Limitless knowledge that’s personalized and customized.

WorldClass is a new type of learning app that creates a course on any topic and then redefines how you learn with a personalized AI companion that tailors content complexity and enhances engagement through interactive conversations, visual knowledge maps, real-world quizzes, gamification mechanics and social communities.

Product launches on 2024-05-05 - 1 products

Actionize AI

Custom GPT Actions, Easy.

Actionize simplifies creating custom GPT actions using no-code tools. It connects GPTs with various apps via automation platforms like Zapier and, streamlining the integration process.

Product launches on 2024-05-06 - 1 products


Get more views and grow your audience with short clips

Clipwing is a super simple video editor. Cut your long videos into short clips, add subtitles, and resize your videos for distribution to different social media platforms.

Product launches on 2024-05-13 - 1 products


Cookie Consent Compliance Simplified.

The trnsprncy OSS package provides an easy to use highly optimized way of implementing Google Tag Manager and manage all of your website's cookies. Use our associated UI kit to drop in a highly customizable banner component that we are confident will meet all of your needs.

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