Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? We have answers. See responses to the most common questions below.

  • Why is my product not showing up?

    Hunted.Space is using the Product Hunt API to fetch the latest products. If your product is not showing up, it might be because it is not featured on Product Hunt.

  • What is upvote speed?

    Upvote speed is a measure of how many people are upvoting per hour. A higher upvote speed can be decisive in the success of a launch, especially towards the end of the launch day.

  • How often is the data updated?

    Data is currently updated every 5 minutes. This means that the data you see on the site can be slightly outdated.

  • How often is calendar data updated?

    Calendar data is updated every 30 minutes.

  • Is the ranking of products accurate?

    Since we are using the Product Hunt API, the ranking of products should be accurate. Hunted.Space even has the ability to show the ranking of products before it is available on Product Hunt (first 4 hours).