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Train a custom AI chatbot: no code, ready in minutes

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What is Chatwith?

Chatwith is a customizable ChatGPT AI chatbot that can be trained on your website content and files. It's designed for instantly answering questions and resolving customer support queries with AI, and integrates with over 6000 apps without any coding required.

Key Features

  • Custom GPT trained on your data: Chatwith trains on website, knowledge base, and resources like PDF files or YouTube videos.
  • Custom GPT Actions: Connects to 5000+ apps or to your API for dynamic data access and task execution.
  • Easy Installation and Integrations: Single line of code installation; integrates with tools, messaging platforms or can be shared with a link.
  • Multilingual Support: Speaks over 95 languages to serve a wide range of customers.
  • Analytics: Provides insights through analytics, notifications, and charts on all interactions.

Who Can Benefit from Chatwith

Businesses and website owners seeking to enhance customer support, e-commerce sites, real estate agencies, and any entity requiring a knowledgeable assistant that's available 24/7. This tool is also beneficial for those looking to leverage AI without coding expertise.

What Makes Chatwith Unique

Its ability to be customized extensively: from training on specific datasets, integrating with a vast array of apps to matching brand aesthetics. Plus, the capability to speak over 95 languages makes it uniquely positioned to support global businesses.


  • Variety of ways to train
  • Custom actions and automations through integrations
  • Customizable to specific data and branding.
  • Multilingual support for global customer engagement.
  • Easy to install into existing tools and platforms.
  • Provides valuable insights through analytics.


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Chatwith offers a powerful, customizable AI chatbot solution that's designed to seamlessly integrate with a website and other digital platforms, requiring no coding experience. By leveraging the data from your website and files, it can provide instant, 24/7 support in over 95 languages, making it an invaluable tool for businesses and individuals.