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Using AI to make opportunities more accessible

Artificial Intelligence

Introducing Uppply: Your personalized job search engine powered by cutting-edge LLM technology. Discover, track, and apply for thousands of active global job opportunities effortlessly. Join the future of job hunting today!

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🚀 Hey ProductHunters! 🚀 Excited to introduce my latest project: Uppply! It's a candidate-first platform powered by LLMs, designed to tackle real-world job search challenges head-on. In our new release, we're putting the spotlight on accessibility in job hunting. Stay tuned for updates and enhancements! If you appreciate what Uppply is all about, I'd be immensely grateful for your support. Upvotes, reviews, and tips would mean a lot to me as a solo-maker. Your feedback on ProductHunt is invaluable! Thank you for joining me on this journey! 🙌

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Congrats @malikankush on Uppply's launch! 🎉 It's great to see AI making job hunting easier. How does Uppply personalize job suggestions, and what's done to make sure everyone feels included?

Awesome product, congrats on the launch. It will definitely take place in my list 🚀

With personalized recommendations and effortless application tracking, Upply truly is the future of job search. Kudos to the team behind Upply! :)

Great Product team. I can see this being very helpful for job seekers to get the job of their liking in this fast evolving world!

Congrats on the Uppply launch! How does it personalize job recommendations for users, and what measures are in place to ensure a diverse range of job opportunities across different industries and experience levels?

Congratulations on the launch of Uppply! The seamless experience you provide for discovering, tracking, and applying to thousands of global job opportunities is commendable. How does Uppply leverage LLM technology to ensure that job recommendations are highly accurate and relevant to each user's unique profile and preferences?

I found the personalized job search engine to be incredibly efficient and user-friendly. Highly recommend this platform for job seekers. Congratulations on the launch!

Congratulations on the launch! How did you determine levels ? Pros - Solid MVP that gets the ... job done ! - I see the important details right away on desktop (didn't try on mobile) Cons - Can be straining to the eyes - Nice to have location as a filter

Uppply seems like a game-changer in the job search world! Excited to try out its personalized approach powered by cutting-edge LLM technology.

it's a really useful product! As feedback, I didn't catch any "product" related jobs on the domain list. maybe consider adding them to? such as product manager or scrum master on anything similar

I think this is a phenomenal app for job seekers and the use of AI make it futuristic and targeted.