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Send beautiful emails, anonymously

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Send cute, creative, and completely anonymous emails! Whether it's a secret note to your crush, a heartfelt message to a friend, or a loving gesture to a parent - Letters ensures your identity remains a mystery.

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Hey Product Hunt ✨💃 We are thrilled to unveil Letters - a tool to craft and send emails with a dash of mystery! They're cute. They're creative. And yes, completely anonymous. Imagine reaching out, with just a few clicks, to the one who makes your heart skip. Or perhaps you're stitching together words that hug a friend from afar. Even a thank-you note for mom and dad. With Letters, your identity stays hidden, freeing you to express yourself in full color. 🥰 Enhance your messages with pictures, gifs, or quirky stickers. It's all about making each email a fun, colorful reflection of you. Letters sprang from our passion for games, clean design, and a shared joy in crafting surprises that brighten someone's day. We wanted to create a product that is delightful to use and efficient in communicating your feelings. ✨🚀 Now it's over to you. Send that message you've been holding onto. A few words could flip your day or light up someone else's. ❤️

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Had to mail myself but I now have a new favourite mailing tool. You guys are amazing!! Congratulations on the launch :)

What a great product idea!!! Well this is great if used in ethical way, but if used unethical way , like sending wrong content or things like that . There should be a content sensor for apps like this .

I love the idea, but I thought it would be a direct email, but it was not. It sent a URL to the letter I'd written, which I was not looking for. You should have at least let the user know about how the email will appear in the receiver's inbox prior to charging.

I really like the idea, think of sending letters to some instagram profiles or facebook for example because most of friends does not check their emails that often

Adorable. Love this as a fun team activity at work - or as a valentine's day replacement for cards <3

Now thats something COOL 🚀. Keep up the good work. I will definitely try this out.

Just wanted to come up here and say hey 👋 Letters looks cool 😎 Will give it a try.

Hmmm... great tool but I do not have a crush... so I will be mailing myself. That sounds great anyway!

Very cute product! I wish the first one would be free so we could try it out. I tried sending one, but its taking a while to load. Congrats on your launch!

This is so cool! I love the idea of anonymity but also know there are some bad actors out there. Are you doing anything to protect against spam, hate mail, etc?

Hey Sélim, Absolutely love the idea behind Letters! The anonymity adds such a unique twist to digital communication. It's like sending a personal, mysterious gift. I'm curious, have you seen any particularly creative uses of Letters that stood out to you? Keep up the fantastic work! :rocket: