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Send beautiful emails, anonymously

Send cute, creative, and completely anonymous emails! Whether it's a secret note to your crush, a heartfelt message to a friend, or a loving gesture to a parent - Letters ensures your identity remains a mystery.

Top comment

Hey Product Hunt ✨💃 We are thrilled to unveil Letters - a tool to craft and send emails with a dash of mystery! They're cute. They're creative. And yes, completely anonymous. Imagine reaching out, with just a few clicks, to the one who makes your heart skip. Or perhaps you're stitching together words that hug a friend from afar. Even a thank-you note for mom and dad. With Letters, your identity stays hidden, freeing you to express yourself in full color. 🥰 Enhance your messages with pictures, gifs, or quirky stickers. It's all about making each email a fun, colorful reflection of you. Letters sprang from our passion for games, clean design, and a shared joy in crafting surprises that brighten someone's day. We wanted to create a product that is delightful to use and efficient in communicating your feelings. ✨🚀 Now it's over to you. Send that message you've been holding onto. A few words could flip your day or light up someone else's. ❤️