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Discover any app's monthly downloads & revenue


AppDetails is an iOS shortcut estimate App Store metrics. AppDetails simplifies tracking downloads, revenues, and other key statistics for any App Store App. It's ideal for market research, competitor analysis, and for anyone to understand app market trends.

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Hello Product Hunt, it's Irfan 🙌 Actually, I wasn't planning to launch this product today but mistakenly I set the schedule for today and I couldn't find any cancel button so here we are. App details is officially launched! App details is the tool that help you to do market research for the App Store more efficiently. You can basically use the App Details iOS shortcut on the share sheet when you open any mobile app page on the App Store. Just with one tap you'll learn the details about the app such as approximate downloads they got last month, how much revenue they generated last month and more. Don't forget to claim your %80 special off for product hunt launch. Use the code "PHLAUNC80"

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Congrats on the launch! 🎉 This tool sounds incredibly handy for keeping tabs on app performance! It's like having a pocket-sized analytics assistant for the App Store. So useful for staying on top of trends and understanding the market. 📊

Its a nice concept. But how accurate is it? Would love to know how it works. Congrats on the launch!

nice and wonderful information

AppDetails is a must-have tool for anyone navigating the complex world of the App Store! Congrats on the launch!

Kudos on the AppDetails launch! While it's a promising tool, I've observed an untapped potential in expanding its reach through strategic social media and digital marketing. My expertise lies in optimizing product visibility, ensuring it thrives in the competitive market. I'm confident in my ability to propel AppDetails to new heights. Let's discuss how my proven strategies can amplify its success. Reach out to me via my profile.

Really impressed with App Details' ability to track key metrics! 🚀 It's a game-changer for market research

Simple yet effective add-on for gold mining via app store browsing! I see how solo newbies can look for an unpopulated app niche using your product. Good luck, and congrats on the launch!