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UpSkill Safety Coach for Kids

An app for developing safety and first aid skills

An app for developing safety and first aid skills for kids and their parents. Cultivate essential safety skills among your family using an AI coach trained on trusted data from authorities like the Red Cross and UNISEFF. Get piece of mind and be ready.

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Hey Hunters! I’m Pavel the CEO and founder of UpSkill and today I'm super excited to reveal UpSkill to all of you. Over the last months I’ve been working crazy hard to make first steps towards my main mission: to save kids' lives around the globe. Help us on this mission! We’re now ready so welcome to UpSkill! ✅ Why I built UpSkill 💔 Lack of safety skills cose tragedies each day. While there are a lot of sources of safety courses there is still a big problem with practice. You need to live-through scenarios and be an actor to obtain skill. I'm a young father and I feel responsible to protect his life and wellbeing. That’s why I'm building UpSkill, coz I believe there’s a place to make a real impact. 🤩 So what is UpSkill? UpSkill is an app for developing safety and first aid skills through AI-driven, scenario-based training and science-backed content for the parents and their kids. 💥 How does it works? I've built UpSkill around 2 pillars: Scenario-based trainings All training is guided by an AI-backed coach who will guide you or your kid through situation. Personalized feedback and best practices will be provided after each training. Science-backed content Because it's so important to be awaered on best and most proven facts and guidelines. It's always right to double check your knowledge. 🤗 For who is UpSkill for? It's for both Kids and their Parents. While developing I've had so many Aha moments… Check yourself - you never know! How you personally can help me on a mission to save kids lives around the globe: Try it and give me honest feedback - your voice is the most important one. Let's ideate together! Share an app with young parents - that's how we can shape a more safe future together. Have a project with the same audience? Are you a writer or opinion leader? Help me to spread the best practices. Are you a talented PM? UX/UI designer? Mobile app developer? I'll be more than happy to get any help! Don't wait - ping me in a comment and let's just do it! It's never to urgent to protect kids well-being and health. Help us on this mission - let's do it together! Let me know what you think in the comments 👇