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Collaborative AI repository for SQL users

Sherloq is the one place for all your ad-hoc SQL queries. Using the AI SQL repo plug-in, you can collaboratively manage, save, and share your SQL code, without leaving your IDE. Stop the “where the f*ck did I put that SQL” moments and focus on data analysis.

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Hi All 👋 We’re super excited to share SHERLOQ with the amazing Product Hunt community! 🚀 "Sure, I know exactly where that query is. I'll send it to you straight away." *Said no one, never.* Sherloq is all about helping SQL users focus on what really matters - analyzing data and creating insights. Here’s what doesn’t matter, but for years we’ve been spending too much time on: - Trying to remember when was the last time I ran a SQL on some ‘users_v2_old’ legacy table, and who might know where I put it - Asking the company-wide ‘data-champs’ Slack channel if someone can send me the most updated CASE WHEN condition we talked about in last week’s guild meeting. - Going over 252 queries in my team’s ‘All Queries’ Docs file with cmd+f: ‘prospect_id’. A few dozens of ping-pongs on Slack and 4 cups of coffee later, you give up and write something you sort of remember doing. And the result? Getting inconsistent SQL, and inconsistent data. As we ourselves were (and are still) heavy SQL users, we were looking to create a solution that gives us just the right amount of order we need. Something that’s actually built for this type of code. That means that it’s organized and managed, but not too stiff. It’s sits on top of our IDE, but doesn’t actually require any integration or access to the data. It’s collaborative, but also has a place for our own personal work. It can be used by people that love data and understand it, and by those that don’t. So we built Sherloq, a collaborative SQL repo where you can: 🗂️ Manage your team’s ad-hoc queries in team / project folders 📕 Create versions of your SQL ⌨️ Use keyboard shortcuts for SQL snippets 🕗 Automatically save your SQL history across the entire team 🔍 AI search for SQL To get started, we're offering a special 30-day free trial and an additional 20% discount for the first 3 months specifically for this product launch. We also have a startup plan for those of you in companies with less than 100 employees / raised less than $5M. Simply schedule a 15-min onboarding call using the link below, or sign up through our platform. Thank you so much! Please share your feedback, questions, and comments! Our team will be available and is looking forward to hearing from you.