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Learn user onboarding from the best SaaS products

Increase activation with 100+ identified CRO tactics, review your strategy against 15+ best practices, and compare the best user onboarding software!

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Hey guys! 👋 Ever tried setting up an onboarding process for a SaaS product? It's not just a few screens after sign-up; there's a whole lot more to it! Last year, I reviewed user onboarding experiences from 220+ top SaaS products. And the result? A collection of 100+ ideas and tactics that you can use in your own product. All backed up with numerous examples. In Onboarding.Study, you'll find loads of inspiration and thorough analysis, all sorted into categories like: - signup pages, - signup flows, - welcome messages, - in-app landing pages, - product tours, - checklists, - feature setup pages, and - resource centers. I also took a deep dive into the most popular user onboarding software out there. The result of the comparison will surprise you. I haven't shared the project widely yet, but after some good feedback, I don't see any reason to keep it to myself. So I'm happy to share my learnings today! A heads-up: - I'm more of a growth marketer than a UX guy, so my take is from a CRO perspective. - The research is from early last year, so a few examples might be a bit dated. But, most of these ideas are pretty timeless. Can't wait to hear what you think!