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Calendar meets wearables to boost your productivity

Lifestack is a mobile calendar app that helps you schedule your day to boost productivity, using health data from wearable data and smartphones. Schedule your tasks and activities by balancing your energy to optimize productivity without burnout.

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Hi, Product Hunt 👋 I'm Nao, cofounder and CEO of Lifestack! 🚀 Today, we’re launching Lifestack - the only calendar app with your energy in mind! Lifestack uses health data from your wearables and smartphones to help you schedule around your most productive times 📆 Our biggest conviction is that we believe health and productivity go hand in hand. While it’s ideal to aim for 8 hours of sleep, 2 hours of exercise, and 30 minutes of meditation, this advice is not feasible nor sustainable for busy individuals. On the flip side, chasing the most productivity without regards for our health can have adverse effects — resulting in burnout and ultimately reducing productivity. Everything is a balance! ⚖️ So far 300+ users participated in our closed beta in the past couple of months, and today, we're finally opening it up to EVERYONE! 🔥 How Lifestack works: - Connect your health data from wearables and calendar to our app - Understand your energy levels (currently with sleep-based circadian rhythm) - Import tasks from your to-do lists to schedule them directly on calendar - Optimize your day based on your energy — finish heavy tasks when most energetic, small tasks when least energetic; rejuvenate by scheduling energy boosting activities 📱We are available both on the App Store and Play Store! We also have Chrome extension for those of you who prefer web browser calendars! 🧭 What's coming up next: - Web app version - Advanced biometrics (stress, HRV, glucose) - Todo integrations (currently supports Trello; adding Todoist and TickTick soon) - AI Scheduling If you've read this far, I assume you're really interested in us 😏 Please follow my account on Twitter / LinkedIn, and spread the word about Lifestack! Twitter: LinkedIn: Thank you! Nao