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Turn your speech into well-written text

Mobile app that turns your speech into well-written text. Perfect for quick and effortless writing of messages, notes, social media posts, and much more. Not just another AI tool, but app co-created with linguists to genuinely simplify your life.

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Hello! 🚀 Today is a special day for me because I am launching something of my own for the first time. With the team, of course! Let me introduce Letterly – a mobile app that I believe can simplify the lives of those who write messages, notes, posts, or anything else. 🗣 You just record your voice, and like magic, it transforms into well-written and ready-to-use text. ❤️ We're putting our hearts into making writing quick and easy: - Creating a native mobile app with tested UX - Refining text quality to preserve your unique style and vocabulary - Introducing on-the-go features, as a widget or screen-off recording 🤗 I hope you'll enjoy it! Give it a try, download it, and share ANY thoughts and questions with us. (This text, by the way, was written with the help of Letterly)