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Dazzle clients with a powerful client portal, built by AI

Impress clients and streamline operations with a powerful client portal, built by AI. Supercharge your portal with native client-facing tools for file sharing, contracts, messaging, tasks, billing, etc. Integrate 500+ external tools (Calendly, Loom, etc.)

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Hey Product Hunt 👋 After 2 intense years of building Hubflo, we’re super excited to introduce it to this amazing community! I’ve worked with dozens of service providers in my life as I’m sure you have too: law firms, coaches, accountants, wedding planners, brokers, you name it! Each time, the experience I had as a client was basically endless email threads and files all over the place! Feels familiar? 📧📂 Well, I realized that the way service businesses worked with clients was fundamentally broken. They all have a website for leads, dozens of fancy tools for their internal team… but nothing for clients! Wix and Webflow are mainly for marketing and e-commerce websites. No-code apps are too complicated and missing key tools. So we started Hubflo to enable any service business to have a digital front office to work with their clients. With Hubflo, you can create in 30 seconds with AI a powerful white-label client portal that comes with 10+ built-in client-facing tools for: 📁 File sharing 📝 Contracts/E-sign/Approvals 💬 Messaging ✅ Tasks & projects 💵 Billing and more You can also integrate almost anything: 🔗 10+ native integrations: with Gmail, Outlook, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Dropbox, QuickBooks, Xero, Mailchimp & many more. 🛠️ Embed 500+ apps: Loom, Calendly, YouTube, Figma, Looker Studio, Google Forms, Google Slides, and more. 🔄 Infinite possibilities with our Zapier integration and extensive API. With our new AI builder, all you need to do is input your website and AI will create your branded portal! 🧠✨ Our goal is to help any service firm elevate their client experience and streamline their operations. We just launched globally early this year so we’re super eager for feedback! 🌍 You can check it out here! Feel free to share any questions, product feedback, or feature requests. If you’ve already implemented/considered or used a client portal, we’d love to hear from you too! I’ll be here to answer your questions and chat with you. 😊