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Private photo stories for family and travel

Elogram offers a simple and private way to stay in touch with your family and closet connections though easy to make photo stories. Share weekly updates, travel experiences and collaborate to capture memories together.

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In a world where social media is dominated by public broadcasts, entertainment and advertising, elogram offers a simple, authentic and meaningful way to capture and share your life with family and close connections. It’s not another social network. It’s a simple tool for creating and sharing visual stories. Use your existing group chats and DMs to share your stories privately and directly, sparking conversations and making meaningful connections. How to use elogram: 💌 Stay In Touch With Recaps Keep your loved ones up to date with convenient and meaningful summaries of your weeks, months, holidays and events. 🗺️ Bring Travel and Adventure Stories to Life Instead of photo dumps and curated posts, capture the essence of your adventure. Save the memories for yourself and allow family and friends to feel like they were right there with you. 🤗 Collaborate and Create Stories Together Capture everyone's perspective and gather the group's photos and videos. Elogram makes it easy to preserve your shared memories for years to come. — — The vision for elogram is a dedicated digital space for your family and closest connections. A space where you can privately and authentically share life’s adventures, stay in touch, and save meaningful memories. To align business economics with customer value, I plan to introduce paid subscriptions. Through authentic stories, bonds can be built that support strong relationships and healthy, resilient families and societies. Elogram is a product that I’ve wanted for a long time. My family has loved using it over the past 6 months and my hope is that it will bring you and your families joy as well. Please share any thoughts and ideas you might have! I’d love to hear what you think! 🙏 Best, Galen - Founder — — Future features I’d love to build: - Simpler, faster story creation options - Add voice-overs to your stories - More content and layout options - Turn your stories into videos - In-app messaging and replies