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Auto create & update knowledge base articles

Powered by AI, Ariglad automatically updates your knowledge base articles, and creates new articles by analyzing support tickets and product release notes. We integrate with Zendesk, Notion, Slack and more 🚀✨

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Hey ProductHunters! 👋👋👋 🥳I'm excited to finally share Ariglad with you. After a big pivot, our team is proud to present our AI-powered help center automation tool. We integrate with tools like Zendesk, Notion, Slack, and more, offering a complete solution to keep your support resources accurate and thorough. 💻 What you can expect from Ariglad: 🔸 Automatic knowledge base article creation and updates 🔸 Seamless integration with multiple platforms 🔸 Empowering your team to review and approve AI-generated content Let me give you 3 examples: Your knowledge base has gaps and outdated content Ariglad analyzes your support tickets, slack chats and product release notes, identifies gaps, and updates or creates new content automatically. Your knowledge base & help center stays fresh and accurate, effortlessly. Your organization is building out your knowledge base Ariglad’s AI can see that the information being shared in support tickets doesn’t exist in your knowledge base. It will use the info in customer comms and release notes to write articles from scratch. You are launching new product features With Ariglad, you just upload your product release notes, and our AI will automatically craft new articles and update existing articles. We’re proud of Ariglad's current capabilities, but we're just getting started. There’s so much more to come, and we're committed to making your support workflows smarter and more efficient! ✨ Boost self serve with an auto-maintained knowledge base ✨ Want to see how Ariglad works? Create a free sandbox account. Follow the link to get started! 📥 Our team will be here all day to answer any questions you have about Ariglad. Leave your questions below! 🚀💻