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SEO Kickstarter

60 curated directories to kickstart your SEO

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SEO Kickstarter - 60 curated directories to kickstart your SEO | Product Hunt

What is SEO Kickstarter?

SEO Kickstarter is a hand-curated list of backlink opportunities, meticulously selected based on the backlink data of 200 startups. It provides 60 legitimate backlink opportunities without resorting to dark SEO tactics. The list is organized into categories to save time and effort, includes examples of how others have registered their products, and indicates the strength of each link.

Key Features

  • 60 Backlink Opportunities: effective and legitimate. No dark tricks
  • Organized into Categories: don't lose time with irrelevant sites
  • Examples Provided: see how others registered their product
  • Link Strength Indicator: see how much impact this backlink has
  • Notion Template: leading you through the process step by step

Who Can Benefit from SEO Kickstarter?

  • Startups who have a digital product (not a good fit for agencies, directories, book authors, etc.)
  • Ideally you have a SaaS, but also people with info products benefit greatly (e.g. Dan Kulkov / Sveta Bay love it)
  • People who are just starting their SEO. If you're already above 20 Domain Authority it's less likely a good fit.

What Makes SEO Kickstarter Unique

  • Months of backlink research went into it (based on data of 200 startups, analyzed with Semrush, Ahrefs, MOZ and Majestic)
  • Every single recommendation I tried out myself - so you'll get a cookbook where the author has tried every recipe themselves.the latest and most relevant backlink opportunities.
  • The guide is kept up to date.


Gets you to a domain authority of 20 with minimal effort (estimated: 2h)


You still need to register your product yourself. It's not a "one click and you get all the backlinks" product.


If you're just starting out with SEO, have good content then you'll need backlinks! This guide is the best way to start.