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Momentum Product Snapshot
Momentum Product Snapshot
Momentum Product Snapshot
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Launch your website in seconds, publish content, sell products

Momentum Page - Launch your website in seconds, get users in minutes | Product HuntMomentum Page - Launch your website in seconds, get users in minutes | Product HuntMomentum Page - Launch your website in seconds, get users in minutes | Product HuntMomentum Page - Launch your website in seconds, get users in minutes | Product HuntMomentum Page - Launch your website in seconds, get users in minutes | Product Hunt

What is Momentum?

Momentum is a super simple tool to create content-rich landing pages, directories, blogs and interactive apps. Momentum replaces dozens of common startup tools to keep you focused on valuable content and your product’s sales growth.

Key Features

  • Launch dynamic websites in seconds: Super simple editor for multi-page websites, encouraging to create and update your product content often.
  • Publish all types of startup content: Landing pages, blog articles, podcast pages, directories, changelogs, info-products, help/knowledge base, content feeds.
  • Design top-notch websites: Momentum follows design guidelines from the popular recognised websites: use built-in bento grids, modern layouts, gradients, icons background patterns and more.
  • Sell services + task board: List your services, add portfolio, connect payment links and track customer requests in notion-like task board, collect testimonials.
  • Build directories fast: Use built-in database to import data with a link or CSV. Connect and filter database on multiple pages on your websites, collect emails, see clicks analytics.
  • Send automatic emails sequences: Send email to your customers on email submission, send different emails for different forms, send delayed sequences.
  • Send newsletters: Use super-simple editor to send updates to your audience and promote new services and products, see opens and clicks analytics.
  • Schedule content to social media: Create posts to share to Twitter and LinkedIn, schedule posts in advance, automatically embed on your pages.
  • Robust analytics: Automatically monitor the activity to understand your users: web analytics, conversions, product analytics, heatmaps, database clicks.
  • Interactive components: Add reactions, comments into any section to let your users interact with your content and run mini-polls.
  • Embed third-party apps: Embed any content from the internet with just a url, the editor encourages you to embed more content from different websites.
  • Custom code components: Add the link to your product build or launch in-app editor to create new components with code, perfect for micro-saas.
  • Service marketplace: Promote your services and get the discounted promo services from Momentum partners, best startup service providers.

Who Can Benefit from Momentum

  • Marketers: Looking for a simple tool to launch many ideas daily, experiment with the value proposition, creating a lot of content and analyzing the small results of their campaigns.
  • Developers: Looking for a simple all-in marketing tool that will help them host their projects and personal portfolio + educate them about marketing and products.
  • Designers: Looking to build powerful websites following modern guidelines in minutes, who wants to build and sell ready-made websites and apps instead of just static Figma designs.
  • Agencies and Software Companies: Looking for a robust tool for their team to publish lots of content, update portfolio regularly, promote and sell services and products, engage the audience and release new tools often and fast.
  • Indie Founders: Looking for a tool to save their precious time on configuration and reporting so they can focus on distribution, growth and sales optionally using a faster cash-flow via productised services.

What Makes Momentum Unique

  • Super-simple editor: Momentum allows to edit the different types of startup content with one simple interface, which boosts creativity and output.
  • Easy web integration: Momentum make it easy to embed any type of content with just a link, allowing to embed images, youtube videos, tweets, code editors and custom-coded apps.
  • Robust out-of-box analytics: Momentum shows various types of product analytics without any extra configuration, which makes it easy to launch many different websites often.
  • Audience engagement: Momentum encourages to keep the audience engaged so founders can get fast insights and build audience-driven products that people truly love.
  • Startup knowledge base: Momentum team curates the best free startup educational resources to help founders to learn how to grow their products fast and smart.
  • Productised services network: Momentum allows users to promote their productised services and offers the partnerships deals to get quality modern services.


  • Simple interface for editing content: Momentum allows to edit many content types within simple standardised editor that allow to launch pages literally in seconds.
  • Comprehensive template library: Momentum users build with ready-made design library using 20+ prebuilt website components and layout.
  • Powerful marketing features: Momentum replaces dozens of typical startup tools: analytics, website builder, design, forms, automated emails, newsletters, social media, interactive components, CMS and more.
  • Easy custom-code embeds: With a simplest custom-code integration Momentum make it easy to build powerful websites and micro-saas tools.
  • Validate product for free: Momentum allows to use all the features needed to validate products and launch SaaS on the free plan.


  • Constraints: As Momentum follows certain guidelines to build a standard for modern websites, standard section do not allow over-customisations to keep UX clean and focused on content. However users can embed custom code section for any custom UI.
  • Learning Curve: Due to its comprehensive nature, some advanced growth features may be hardly discoverable for a new users to to fully understand and utilize its capabilities effectively.


Momentum is like your marketing+design+development team that helps you to move fast to validate your ideas, launch new products and drive revenue. With Momentum you focus on the content instead of wasting weeks on setup: configuring no-code pipelines, designing, hiring contractors and making all types of typical startup mistakes. Also once you’ve validated your idea and need custom services you discover the best providers via Momentum with ease.

More awesome stuff

Momentum offers quite a few free tools, besides the generous free plan, to help you grow your startup. Here are a few of them: