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Inline Help Product Snapshot
Inline Help Product Snapshot
Inline Help Product Snapshot
Inline Help Product Snapshot
Inline Help Product Snapshot
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Inline Help

Answer customer questions before they ask

Inline Help - Answer customer questions before they ask | Product HuntInline Help - Answer customer questions before they ask | Product Hunt

What is Inline Help?

Inline Help is a solution that allows you to answer customer questions before they ask. Seamlessly convert your knowledge base into instant proactive support, elevating user experience and driving efficiency like never before.

Key Features

  • In-App Contextual Mastery: Let users tap on any part of your website to instantly receive insights. No more manual tooltips, our AI does the magic for you.
  • No-code and Instant Tooltips: Effortlessly integrate AI-powered tooltips into your app for on-spot insights. No coding needed, just instant clarity for users.
  • Real-time Intelligent Responses: Dive into the new age of customer service. With our Chatbot, any query gets an instant and accurate response.
  • Your Ultimate Help Hub: Every support tool, one location. From "Explain This" to ticket submission, it's all in one spot. Support made delightful and efficient.
  • Empower with Context: Bring your entire knowledge repository right to your user's fingertips, tailored to their context. A true user-centric journey.
  • Fluent Support in Six Languages: Connect seamlessly across English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, or Japanese. Our AI ensures every interaction is precise and effortlessly understood.

Who Can Benefit from Inline Help

  • Customer Support Teams: Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of customer support teams by providing instant and proactive assistance to users.
  • Product Managers: Improve user experience and drive product adoption by seamlessly integrating Inline Help to provide on-spot insights and support.
  • Developers: Simplify support processes and streamline issue reporting within applications, enhancing user satisfaction and reducing workload.
  • SaaS Companies: Elevate the user experience and differentiate your product offering by providing proactive and contextual support to your customers.

What Makes Inline Help Unique

  • Seamless Integration: Inline Help seamlessly integrates with your existing knowledge base and applications, providing instant access to support resources without disrupting the user experience. It crawls your knowledge base and automatically creates tooltips for your users.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Leveraging advanced AI technology, Inline Help delivers real-time insights and assistance to users, enhancing their experience and driving efficiency.
  • Effortless Deployment: Inline Help requires no coding or extensive setup, allowing users to quickly and easily deploy the solution and start providing proactive support to their customers.


  • Easy to set up: just point it to your knowledge base and it will do the rest.
  • Reduces support tickets: by providing instant answers to users' questions, Inline Help can significantly reduce the number of support tickets and inquiries.
  • Improves user experience: by providing proactive and contextual support, Inline Help enhances the user experience and drives user satisfaction.


  • Requires an existing knowledge base: to fully benefit from Inline Help, you need to have an existing knowledge base or support resources that can be integrated with the solution.
  • Depends on knowledge base quality: the effectiveness of Inline Help depends on the quality and accuracy of the knowledge base it is integrated with.


Inline Help is the ultimate solution for providing proactive and efficient support to your users. With its seamless integration, AI-powered insights, and comprehensive support hub, Inline Help empowers you to answer customer questions before they ask, driving efficiency and enhancing user experience like never before. Whether you're a customer support team, product manager, developer, SaaS company, or online business, Inline Help offers the tools and resources you need to elevate your support processes and delight your users.