Dub.co Product Snapshot
Dub.co Product Snapshot
Dub.co Product Snapshot
Dub.co Product Snapshot
Dub.co Product Snapshot
Dub.co Product Snapshot
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Link Management for Modern Marketing Teams

Dub.co - Short links with superpowers | Product HuntDub.co - Short links with superpowers | Product Hunt

What is Dub.co?

Dub.co is the open-source link management infrastructure for modern marketing teams to create, share, and track short links.

This product giving marketing teams the superpowers they need to manage their links effectively. With features like custom domains, analytics, and collaboration tools, Dub.co helps you optimize your marketing efforts all with a delightful user experience.

Key Features

  • Analytics That Matter: Gain insights with detailed analytics on link performance, including geolocation and device data.
  • Custom Domain Use: Enhance brand visibility and trust by using your own domain for short links.
  • Free QR Code Generator: Create QR codes instantly for your marketing campaigns.
  • Personalize Your Short Links: Customization options for creating memorable and branded short links.
  • Team Collaboration: Work together seamlessly with features designed for team collaboration.

Who Can Benefit from Dub.co

  • Marketing Teams: Small to large teams looking for efficient link management and detailed analytics.
  • Content Creators: Individuals or teams wanting to track the performance of their content through link tracking.
  • Event Organizers: For those looking to manage event links, QR codes, and analyze attendee engagement.
  • E-commerce Brands: Online retailers and e-commerce platforms aiming to track campaign performance and customer engagement.
  • Startups to Enterprises: From startups to large enterprises, any organization looking to optimize their marketing efforts.

What Makes Dub.co Unique

Dub.co sets itself apart with its focus on powerful analytics, customization, and team collaboration tools, all within an open-source platform. It's designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that teams of all sizes can optimize their link management processes and gain actionable insights to improve their marketing strategies.


  • Intuitive User Experience: Dub.co is praised for its user-friendly interface and ease of use, making link management accessible to everyone.
  • Robust Analytics: Offers comprehensive analytics, allowing teams to make data-driven decisions.
  • Customization Options: Provides a wealth of customization options, from link personalization to using custom domains, enhancing brand presence.
  • Team Collaboration: Facilitates seamless collaboration within teams, streamlining workflows and increasing efficiency.
  • Open-source Advantage: Being open-source, it offers transparency and the flexibility to adapt to specific needs.


  • Dependence on Technical Setup for Custom Domains: Setting up custom domains may require technical knowledge or assistance.


Dub.co is a tool developed for easy sharing of links on social platforms, enhancing click-through rates with attractive Open Graph images.

This product empowers teams to elevate their marketing efforts. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, Dub.co offers the tools and insights needed to track performance, engage audiences, and boost your marketing strategy.