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ClipWing Product Snapshot
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Cut your long video into dozens of short clips in seconds

What is ClipWing?

Clipwing is a super simple video editor. Cut your long videos into short clips, add subtitles and resize your videos for the distribution to different social media platforms.

Key Features

  • Simple interface: Don’t waste your time on figuring out where to click and what to do. The workflow is super simple and allows you to focus only on the important things such as the content and its distribution.
  • Add subtitles: While scrolling on social media people usually watch videos without sound. Stand out with your videos and engage your audience with trendy subtitles.
  • Multi-language: Clipwing support English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch and more.
  • Add soundtracks: Choose soundtracks from a library recorded by DJ Humus or add your own music in 1 click.
  • Export all video sizes: Portrait video for TikTok/Reels/Shorts, or landscape for YouTube/Twitter, or square video for Instagram/LinkedIn.
  • Highlight the best transcript parts with AI: No ideas of what content to cut? Highlights generator will do it for you.
  • Add cover image: You can use auto cover images that are made based on the clip’s content or upload your own cover image.
  • Get custom video: Hire Clipwing video experts team to create and edit videos for you and to save your precious time and create more quality content.

Who Can Benefit from ClipWing

  • Marketers: Looking for a way to develop their brand, increase conversion and sales and stay on top of trends – since short video content is one of the most important marketing tools of 2024.
  • Podcasters and Bloggers: Looking for the easiest way to grow their YouTube channel by creating and distributing more short-form video content.
  • Creative Agencies: Looking to save time on repetitive video editing tasks and handle more clients.

What Makes ClipWing Unique

  • Super-simple editor: You don't need any video editing skills to trim your video or figure out how to interact with the overloaded video editor interface.
  • A team of professional video creators: If you don’t want to make a video yourself or want more customized work, you can hire experienced Clipwing video team.
  • Generous free tier: Get your first videos for free to try out the tool.
  • Free tools: Clipwing helps you promote: get promo video for your product, prepare your ProductHunt launch, generate transcriptions and more to create quality videos fast.


  • Simple interface for editing videos: All is needed – to upload your video, get the transcript, highlight the needed text parts, and get your short clip. No need to spend your time thinking on what button to click.
  • Modern features: Engaging subtitles with customisable styles, crop as portrait/landscape/square video, face detection and more.
  • Free tier + free tools: You can use all the features needed on the free plan.


Constraints: Clipwing follows certain guidelines to keep the UI simple and videos engaging, so that you can focus on creating and distributing content, rather than editing and design. For example, you can add subtitles, choose the font/style, but you will not be able to change their position and size — subtitles automatically positioned depending on the selected video size.


Clipwing is your marketing partner that helps you to create and distribute your video content faster, that leads to your brand’s growth. You can save hours and even weeks with Clipwing: the interface is super easy to use and it allows you to focus not on the video editing, but on what really matters — your valuable content. Also, if you need something extra – you can always hire Clipwing team to make videos for you with more specific customization and effects.

More awesome stuff

The team at Clipwing also makes awesome free tools that'll save you time. Here are some of them: