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Zoom for Apple Vision Pro

Making hybrid collaboration more immersive


Zoom’s app for Apple Vision Pro seamlessly blends video conferencing with users’ physical space, blurring the lines of in-person and remote meetings with the infinite canvas on Apple Vision Pro, helping distributed teams feel more connected and included.

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Just to be a devil’s advocate here, how does this app surpass Apple’s FaceTime? I think, in FaceTime, you can have a FaceTime avatar. Here, as others have mentioned, I’m not sure how others would see you.

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I'm curious to know how the infinite canvas feature works on Apple Vision Pro. Does it allow users to have an extended virtual meeting space? Also, how is the user experience in terms of navigation and interaction within the virtual space?

This sounds like a great way to improve the virtual meeting experience and make remote teams feel more integrated.

Something I've been waiting for, can you share a specific instance where the blending of video conferencing with physical space had a tangible impact on enhancing collaboration and engagement during a remote meeting?

Small question: are all apps for Vision Pro using the same UI library/system? Not much Zoom branding left. It's a cool idea nonetheless.

Revolutionizing remote collaboration with immersive meetings. Great job @chrismessina! #Innovation in workspaces.