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Capture night in 4K


YASHICA Vision is a binocular night vision device offering 4K image quality, full-color vision, and up to 600m view range in darkness.

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Dear Product Hunters, I'm Kondo the CEO of YASHICA. Like many of you may know, YASHICA's adventure began more than 75 years ago with a simple yet bold ambition: to create not just cameras but lifelong companions that enrich the art of capturing life's fleeting instants. Over the years, we've witnessed transformations, technological breakthroughs, and countless shared memories through the lens of our cameras. The Night Vision Dream… But why stop at what we know? Why not explore the unseen, the untouched aspects of the night? That's where our night vision dream was born. Drawing upon our deep knowledge in camera manufacturing, we’ve built our flagship night vision — YASHICA Vision — to illuminate the unseen wonders of the nocturnal world. What sets YASHICA Vision apart? - 4K UHD Imaging: Witness the night in unparalleled clarity, with every detail captured in stunning resolution. - Full-Color Real-Time Observation: Experience the vibrancy of the nocturnal world with true-to-life colors, even in low-light conditions. - Up to 600m Viewing Range: Explore further and deeper into the darkness, with clarity and precision up to 600 meters. - Extended 16-Hour Battery Life: Let nothing hold you back – YASHICA Vision keeps you exploring with its long-lasting battery. Exceptionally Large Aperture: With an aperture size of F/1, YASHICA Vision maximizes light intake for brighter, clearer images. Our proprietary technology uses infrared tech and AI to enhance image processing, ensuring every detail is captured with sharpness and accuracy. We launched our Kickstarter 3 weeks ago, and are happy to see the excitement from our community of 3000+ backers. I would like to invite you, Hunters, to visit our page and join us in bringing the YASHICA Vision to life.

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congratulations 🎉 for launch 🥳 Let me know if you required any kind of help for promoting on LinkedIn thanks

This wonderful YASHICA Vision product is like having a superhero camera for nighttime adventures! It captures vivid, clear moments in the dark – no limits! 🌌

This is an amazing technology. How does the YASHICA Vision compare to other night vision devices on the market?

Oh wow that looks great! Any ability to take photos or to be connected to a camera? I know people that could be interested in that for sure! Have a great launch!