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All-in-one social wishlist manager

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Social Networking

WishSpace is the perfect place to store and manage all your wishes. Bring each other's dreams to life using the wide range of functionality within the application. It's a social network, so you are always in touch with your friends effortlessly!

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The idea is to create an application that will completely solve the problem of choosing gifts. If you know of any issues related to this topic, please share! I would be very grateful and will try to address them as quickly as possible to ensure that the app brings you maximum benefit 🚀

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WishSpace has made wish administration much easier for me. Positive energy is created by the official yet upbeat tone. Because of its social network feature, I can easily stay in touch with my pals. It's never been simpler to share ideas, which makes granting wishes a fun and cooperative endeavor. An essential app for realizing your aspirations! Cool work @ekdev !

WishSpace has revolutionized the way I manage my wishes. This application's formal yet cheerful tone creates a delightful experience. Its social network feature ensures effortless communication with friends, making it a perfect platform for bringing dreams to life. The ability to share ideas seamlessly adds a new dimension to wish fulfillment. Highly recommended! Amazing work @ekdev !

I'm reminded by WishSpace that sharing dreams is preferable. It is precious to feel that my friends understand, encourage, and occasionally even grant my wishes. It's a platform that fosters a culture of celebration and encouragement in addition to storing objectives. Including crowdfunding platforms would elevate the concept of wishful thinking to an entirely new plane! @ekdev

WishSpace lets me break free from the confines of solo dreaming. Sharing my wishes on this platform connects me with friends who inspire, motivate, and sometimes even make my dreams a reality. I love this feature, where we can collaborate on ambitious wishes and celebrate milestones together. Great work @ekdev and team!

This is such a great tool! Sharing my dreams on Wishspace isn't just for record-keeping, it's an invitation to my loved ones to be part of the journey. They offer encouragement, share resources, and sometimes even surprise me with unexpected fulfillments! It's like having a built-in support squad for all my desires. Ps : A group gifting feature would be the icing on the cake! @ekdev

WishSpace isn't just a wish list app, it's a vibrant community where dreams take flight. Sharing my aspirations with friends adds a whole new layer of excitement! We cheer each other on, offer suggestions, and even collaborate on making wishes come true. It's more than just an app, it's a support system for dreamers like me. My only wish? A "vision board" feature to visually map out my aspirations! But hey well done @ekdev and team 👏

Creating an app to solve the gift-choosing problem is awesome! Consider integrating personalized suggestions based on recipients' interests or occasions. Also, a user-friendly interface and a wide range of gift options could make it a go-to platform. Excited to see how you address these aspects!

Hi WishSpace team, I like this innovative app, congratulations on launch, definitely going to give a try. Best of luck..

congrates with the launch! looks super easy to use, and I like the design. Definitely going to try

This is a really interesting idea! One feature that I would LOVE is the ability to save things to your wishlist from social. One pain point for me is that I see things I want or want to gift on Instagram or Tik Tok and then I save the video or post to my archive/saved on the respective platform. However it would be GREAT to centralize that so the information is stored in one place vs. across multiple social apps. Also, would be cool to have secret lists so I could, for example, create a secret list for my partner of ideas and then when a holiday roles around, I'm ready to go! Anyway, awesome work and I'm excited to see what you all do next!