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Transform entrepreneurial dreams into reality with VenturePals! Connect with success partners, stay disciplined, and skyrocket your goal-achieving odds. Say goodbye to solo struggles and hello to shared victories!

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Hey Product Hunters! 👋🏻 We are super excited to introduce you to our App VenturePals, a platform for entrepreneurs to find their success partner!🚀 But why VenturePals? 🤔 Working solo can give us entrepreneurs a sense of freedom, but at the same time, this can be extremely difficult. Especially if you’ve been working solo for quite some time… It can feel overwhelming, isolated, and sometimes even demotivating. I’ve been working from home for about 5 years now, and let’s just say… It's been a long journey! 🙃 After 4 years I finally decided to find a success partner, someone just as ambitious to create a mutual partnership where you keep each other accountable throughout the weeks so you don’t miss out on your goals. But then the second problem occurred… Where do I find this person? I had 0 people with real entrepreneurial interests in my circle, and even the ones that did weren’t the right fit. After searching for months, I finally found the right partner and this worked extremely well! After seeing what a success partner can do for you, we decided to help other entrepreneurs do the same, without the hassle of strolling through the internet to find the right partner. That’s why we built VenturePals. 🎉 A platform to find your entrepreneurial buddy to achieve goals with. You’ll be matched for 7 days with someone you like! If you both resonate with each other, you can extend the partnership and continue keeping one another accountable. If not… No worries! You both can match with someone else! So what’s in it for you? ✔️ Ensure you both keep showing up! ✔️ Choose the needle-moving tasks with the support of your Pal! ✔️ Stay on track to reach your goals! ✔️ A place to both learn and teach! ✔️ The perfect occasion to get honest feedback! And in most instances, these partnerships end up growing into a fantastic friendship as well. 💪 Way too many revolutionary ideas go wasted due to the challenges faced without the support of a success partner. Let’s change this for good and increase the success rate of new and existing businesses! 🚀 We value any questions and comments! All feedback helps us improve the product! 🙌

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Hmm. Seems to be a very interesting idea!!! But it needs to be expanded and reached to many people to be successful, as it's all about networking. Will check it for sure!

Hey Joel, Congratulations on your launch. Everyone needs a pal to collaborate with and to work towards like minded goals. You've made it easy for people to stick with a plan and make it happen.

@jwurtz super neat idea! If nothing else (I am sure there are tons of use cases) I really like this as a community development tool to meet other likeminded builders / makers etc.

Gosh, this is so great. You should connect with OnDeckFounders ( and do a partnership with them!

Nice website! What about instant FTUX. Something like Chatroulette but for entrepreneurs. So you login with your LinkedIn, or GitHub or something. that has your "startup credentials" LN already has all your crunchbase fundraising data etc. So you can match up with others in the same stage as you, since it's likely you will have similar challenges etc.

@jwurtz absolutely love this. Finding a partner to share accountability with is tough especially as an introvert! The feeling of being a lone on such a touch journey is real and stops a lot of entrepreneurs from breathing life and taking action of their ideas. Will be signing up later this evening and taking a look. I agree with some of the other suggestions re- small groups/cohorts - that would be a really cool feature. For an introvert like myself that would make things feel less daunting whilst being a great way to connect with more people at the same time. Congrats on the launch of VenturePals, very excited to see how things progress