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Video creation for makers

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Typeframes is a video-making tool, tailored for makers willing to grab attention and grow their business. Create eye-catching videos to elevate your brand and convert more customers. It's the fastest way to put your product in front of thousands.

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👋 Hey Product Hunters, it feels awesome to be here today. 9 months ago, Lilian created Typeframes. 5 months ago, he sold it to me. I am now doing my best to take over this amazing project (big pressure). Why did I acquire Typeframes? Because doing videos has drastically boosted the growth of all my projects. I now believe it's the best way for makers to showcase their work and get new customers. That's why I turned Typeframes into a tool for makers to create and edit videos. What it can do: ✅ create a video from text-only ✅ auto-sync with music beats ✅ adapt the video style based on your need ✅ access tons of video footage and animations ✅ generate a voice and a talking avatar ✅ generate custom AI video footage Every day I am impressed by the quality of what Typeframes' users create. Please, try it for free, we're giving 10 more credits to everyone coming from Product Hunt. And share your thoughts! We're craving for feedback on how we can make the product better. Thank you Product Hunters 🙏

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Congrats on the launch! Your product is really promising and shows great potential. Good luck!

Tibo, great landing redesign! I've been familiar with Typeframes from the very first launch day and I really like the way it works.

Really cool product but i feel like you still need alot of improvements in it. i cannot see AI generated images option. that would be a good feature. specially if its directly generated by AI and not from stock photos