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Effortless, smart, secure automatic time and leave tracking

Time Tracking
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Track time and leave in one place, the way you want. Supercharge your workflow with smart automations and integrations. Rest assured, it’s GDPR and privacy compliant.

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Hi PH community, founder of Timeular here. We rocked PH many years ago with our physical time tracker: 💎 Now, we are back with automatic time tracking for the same reason: to make time tracking as easy as possible, because no-one likes to do it. We understand time tracking is hard, but if you want to get the most out of your time there is no way around tracking it. Luckily, with Timeular's automations it's 0 effort. Just sign up, install the desktop app (Win, Mac) and activate automatic tracking. Done! The best thing is that all the automatically tracked data is stored only on your local device, so it's 100% in your control and not even you yourself can access it on another device 🔒 Give it a try and if you have questions or feedback, I'm here all day ❤️

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Four or five years ago I got Timeular as a personal experiment to track the types of things I did throughout the day in order to understand how I was working and where I was wasting time. Down the rabbit hole I went … tracking within projects to discover things like how much time a type of project took, what percentage of hours were administrative, or which clients needed more hours than normal clients. Those things improved my estimates and smoothed out dips in workload. As Timeular has grown and I have learned, I find more ways to use the data outside of tracking billable time or workable hours. While those features are really good, the insights I get from analyzing the bigger picture are the real value for me. I would be remiss if I did not mention how quick and responsive the dev team is. I reported a bug and it was fixed the same day! I pointed out a use case and they implemented some features. The team at Timeular listens. (psst — Can you give us a way to enlarge the font in the desktop app, and to backdate or reopen budgets?) (FYI I’ll be tagging the time I spent writing this review under #Thanks.)

I use Timeular for my personal time tracking. It works incredibly well. It reminds me when I need to update the times. It gives me the reports that I need. The support has been awesome. I ask a question and I get an answer from a real person that addresses what I asked.

I am using Zei (the physical tracker) & Timeular now for more than 2 years and have to say: I really like it! As a very visual person, i really rely on the Zei to remind me to start and stop time tracking, which I always forgot before. Just place it in front of your keyboard in the eventing and don't forget to flip it in the morning! :D Keep on rocking! Suggestion: Offer a sticker template set to be used / finished in Inkscape or another SVG tool to print your own labels. Would be great! Only real downside: It's an electron app, which is a memory hog as they are all without exception. Especially with the limited extremely expensive RAM on M Series Macs this is really annoying. Currently it sits at 1.3 GB of RAM used! Here the screenshot of the Activity Monitor: How Zei came to live back then:

I started as a freemium user and fell in love with the product, now I'm a happy customer. Give it a try!

This is a fantastic job, congratulations on the launch, Timeular will do well. I have believe

I've been using Timeular for 5 years or so now. The physical tangible artifact was a big deal to building muscle memory for task switching. They've added so many convenient features for billing, limits, and many things that are really great to task out to a tool rather than consuming attention.

I would like to give it try, Because it sounds something different :) Thanks for the innovation.