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AI's for hundreds of roles in sales, finance & more

Artificial Intelligence

Create multi-function AI workers for hundreds of roles in Finance, Sales, Product, Marketing, and more. Deploy from Slack, give them an email and secure access to 200+ apps. Assign tasks from Trello, Jira, and more. $50 FREE credit—no credit card required.

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Congrats on the launch @kate_hiscox! Very cool idea. As honest feedback, I tried it yesterday (for a couple of hours) and I struggled to actually get real added value from it. Asking it to fetch some basic LinkedIn data (after connecting it), it didn't bring real numbers. Asking it to do some LinkedIn searches, it couldn't access that feature. After connecting it on Notion and asking it to fill a Notion page/database with an editorial calendar (I run a Marketing team and was mostly doing a test for a social media AI team member), it said it was facing technical issues with filling Notion databases. I'm sure this is an amazing product and that it has a bunch of uses, but I really struggled to see it working yesterday. Could you let us know of some concrete uses beyond these? Good work!

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A very good idea, I've also thought about creating a similar product. My thinking is that to truly produce effective work, AI needs to form effective expert work patterns in different fields, and it's inevitable to combine with the actual situation of the enterprise. It may not necessarily require pre-training or fine-tuning, but it definitely needs some user data feedback and annotation. But the most critical thing is that users have a relatively satisfactory result in the first round of use, which is very difficult when lacking the context of the enterprise, and I don't think it can rely solely on simple user role descriptions. So, I'm curious about how much work you've done in prompt engineering? Anyway, thank you for your work, congratulations on the launch!

Very nice product . Thank you for sharing this video. Congratulations on this launch.

I would have loved to try it to see how effective it is, but it only allows sign up through slack, and my small team is not on slack so I guess I might have to wait until another sign up option is added.

Congratulations on the launch of TeamCreate on Product Hunt! The ability to create multi-function AI workers for various roles in sales, finance, marketing, and more is truly innovative. The $50 free credit offer is a great way to get started without any financial commitment. Excited to see how TeamCreate revolutionizes task assignments and streamlines workflows across different platforms.

I just checked you guys left behind apple IOS update, I know its not a big thing because your product matters in the end but think you can say that we left all apple update and got #1 product of the day 😌 , isn't it amazing. With this my trust on ProductHunt community & platform has increased.

Integrating with Slack and all those apps? That's gonna make life so much easier. Genius move, guys.