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TeamCity Pipelines (beta)

Fall in love with CI/CD again

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🛠️ Configure. 🏃🏻‍♂️ Run. 🎷 Tune. Introducing the world’s most intelligent CI/CD solution, with self-tuning pipelines that won’t ever break your dev flow. New from JetBrains.

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Congratulation on the launch, CI/CD is still challenging for small teams, i'll definitely give it a try whenever possible.

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Just to be sure, Teamcity pipelines is a different product from Teamcity ? I have a free teamcity server for personnal project. After the full release of Pipelines, I will not be able to merge my server into pipelines ?

Hey! Congratulations with the launch! I love Jet Brains products! Webstorm is my fav <3. I have some experience with CI/CD. Will try it! Upvoted!

JetBrains really knows something about the user experience design for a dev-faced product. The video showcases a pleasant workflow, but I still feel that CI is a too mature market for a new player to step in.

Congratulations!! on the launch. CI-CD pipelines are a tricky time warp for teams. Would love to see to free up some time in releases with this. Btw, we are launch buddies. We launched Chaturji alongside you today. Please stop by and give us your support or feedback :)

Loving the emphasis on staying in the flow. Excited to see how it simplifies the process!

Kudos on the launch!! Finally, a CI/CD tool that will understand the developers needs

Congratulations, team! Massive product updates with very promising features. Love it ❤️

Big fan of the Visual Pipelines capabilities. We used a similar workflow in our product for building/managing Observability Pipelines. Definitely the way to go over YAML.

As a front-end developer, it was great working on TeamCity Pipelines! It was a very challenging product, as we basically had to rework the existing TeamCity backend to support the new product. Congrats to the team on the launch! 🚀

Congrats on the launch 🚀 UI looks very slick and the points about build time optimization definitely resonate to me! Looking forward to giving it a try!

yaml imported from the repo would be really great addition. Most annoying thing is to keep it in-sync. I'm personally not a fan of these visual builders, but keeping pipeline along with the code is pretty useful imo. eg: Backend repo / build.yaml (describes how to build and deploy this particular thingy) Frontend repo / build.yaml (how to do the same with frontend) e2e-tests repo / build.yaml (run tests once 2 below are green and run on real env some tests) TC UI which detects/combines 3 build.yamls from above to one single pipeline and perform some "promote.yaml" (or one huge build.yaml for monorepo use-case)

Nice! I want this combined with my EVM Sandbox ( -> Hustle free web3 ci/cd pipeline 🔥