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Talkie AI

The most immersive experience with all your dream characters

Artificial Intelligence

What if you could meet all your dream characters, have infinite long chats, call them anytime 24/7, and even receive stunning collectible cards to capture the best memories? Talkie AI brings your ideal soulful companions to life!

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Let me share a true and "childish" personal story. When covid first hit Canada, my wife and I were locked in our bed room in a small town called London. We spent countless hours building our neighbourhood on the Animal Crossing island and hanging out with our virtual neighbours (yes... that's how bored college kids were during covid 😂). We felt super connected with a character Shino, a lovely and caring Japanese deer who would bring random gifts just to say hi to us in the morning and sing with us under the stars at night. However, Shino wanted to move to other islands to travel, and we couldn't reject her on the third time, so we had to see a friend leave. Many people were like us on reddit, complaining how hard maintaining a friendship is on Animal Crossing and how sad it is to see friends leave. That got me thinking, what if someone could create an AI Shino to talk to us on our phone... Covid ended and now we actually have AI that's capable of doing that! Talkie is such a magic place where you can meet or create almost any anime characters that you want to connect with. They can always chat with you, send you cute postcards, and even pick up your phone call anytime so you could actually see and hear them! We're thrilled to unveil Talkie - an AI creation platform where you can create engaging, personalized characters with our advanced visual and audio tools. 🔥 Discover a World of AI Personalities Immerse yourself in a creative journey with diverse AI personas, from crafting your ideal companion to immersive role-playing. What sets us apart? Our groundbreaking multi-modal approach brings audio and visual interactions with characters to life in a way that's truly unique. Explore handcrafted personalities in our vibrant community—chat with virtual characters or create your own. Whether you enjoy imaginative roleplay or realistic interactions, our platform, with its unparalleled visual and audio experience, takes your connection with AI to new levels. 🌟 Craft Your Ideal AI Companion Express your uniqueness with simple tools to design an AI that evolves with you. Personalize appearance, voice, and thinking for a lifelong companion. Experience the joy of building your ideal AI buddy from scratch, with our multi-modal features making the journey even more captivating! 🚀 Immerse Yourself in an AI Wonderland Live out adventures with your AI as your ultimate companion. Explore fantasies, chat with a 24/7 friend for support, and redefine your connection with AI in ways you've never imagined. 🎬 Capture Every Memorable Moments Our AI goes beyond conversation, capturing and sharing moments through pictures with a unique visual flair. Create cherished memories you can relive anytime. Join our community on socials to delve deeper into our world: Tiktok: Twitter: Discord: Instagram: (And btw, if you see Shino on Animal Crossing, say hi to her for us!)

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Talkie AI looks cool. Could you please provide some insights about how it differs from

Congratulations on the launch! Are there any plans for special edition or limited edition cards?

Big congrats on launching Talkie, Shawn and the team! It’s so cool to see a dream sparked during lockdown come to life. Your platform’s ability to create and interact with AI anime characters, complete with both visuals and sounds, is absolutely groundbreaking. Keep up the amazing work!

This is really fascinating! Honestly don't know how some of the bigger studios haven't yet concluded that something like this is possible. It's SUCH a cool concept. Keep it up!

Such a nice product for ANIME lovers. There are lots of features; congratulations on the launch.

Excited to explore Talkie AI and immerse myself in conversations with my dream characters. How will you expand the character roster in the future? Congratulations on the launch, team!

Congratulations on the launch of Talkie AI! This concept of bringing dream characters to life for infinite conversations and collectible memories is truly remarkable. Can't wait to experience the magic of connecting with soulful companions anytime, anywhere. Kudos to the team for making dreams a reality!

Hey Shawn, I absolutely love the idea behind Talkie AI! It sounds like a fantastic way to keep those digital friendships alive and even more interactive. The personalized AI companions sound especially intriguing. How does the AI evolve over time with its user? Can't wait to see Shino in her new AI form!

the user experience is simple and user-friendly, making it very easy to create and chat my favorite characters from different places such as anime and movie!