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Surface real customer pains with AI feedback analysis

Artificial Intelligence

Become a true customer expert with Syncly! With AI feedback analysis, Syncly instantly categorizes feedback and reveals hidden negative signals. Centralize feedback and translate insights into proactive actions to elevate your five-star customer experience.

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Hello PH community I’m Joseph, Co-Founder & CEO at Syncly. Have you ever had to pull up tons of customer feedback and analyze it manually? Even if you've read all the reviews and feedback, wasn't it challenging to identify the most valuable insights? And when it came to taking action based on your analysis, did you find yourself needing detailed insights by customer, product, and tracked data over time? If you're here, I believe you have! We're thrilled to unveil a new product that surfaces real customer pains through AI feedback analysis, turning you into the ultimate customer expert! Syncly works for you if you look to, 🔥 Identify the most critical negative customer signals in real-time with Dynamic Sentiment Analysis. 👀 Prioritize Top customer issues without manual work with Auto Prioritization ⚡️ Not have to tag feedback and let AI do the work for your team with Hassle-free AI tagging. 📈 Visualize customer trends instantly and share insights with your team with Easy-to-do reports. 🙌 Integrate your favorite tech stack with a one-click, centralizing feedback data across customer channels with One-Click Integrations. Who can benefit from Syncly: 🫶 Customer Experience teams seeking immediate insight into customer pain points. 🫶 Product management teams aiming to delve deeper into customer feedback to identify priority areas. 🫶 Industries we've working with are B2C/B2B software, E-commerce, D2C Hospitality, and beyond. Check out our website, and we'd greatly appreciate your invaluable support with an upvote 🔼. You can also talk to Syncly founders and learn how AI can revolutionize the way you understand your customers via If you'd love to know more about our team, please take a sneak peek into our last decade's rollercoaster with AI and the wild visions we've brought to life (Produced by EO). Let us know if we can be of any help, and thank you for being an important part of our journey! Cheers! 🚀

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Congrats on the launch! I really like how Syncly makes it way easier for product teams to prioritize feature that creates maximum impact.

Looks very helpful to help figure out what should be next on the product roadmap, based on customer voice.

Congrats on the launch guys. You are solving a need that has been a massive resource burden for teams. I am thrilled to be following along the journey.

Everything is good launches Surface real customer pains with AI feedback analysis,,

Syncly is a beast! It's an awesome way for customer facing teams stay to ahead/mitigate risks before they become real issues for them. Best of luck to the team!

Transform your customer experience with Syncly's AI feedback analysis - instantly categorize feedback and uncover hidden negative signals to drive proactive actions and elevate your service to five-star status.

Congratss on the launch! Looks like a really neat platform - Curious who your top competitors are and how you differentiate from them in this space!

Congrats on the launch Syncly team!! This seems like a game-changer for customer feedback analysis and is exactly what teams need to streamline the process. Excited to check it out!!