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Build and ship your iOS app in a few days or hours

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A Swift UI Boilerplate that takes care of features commonly needed in mobile apps, and lets you save time and focus on your value proposition and main features. Save hours of development and ship your iOS app in a few days or hours.

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Hey Hunters 👋 It's Ayoub here, I've been working on iOS mobile apps for nearly 5 years, always striving to ship fast and minimize my time to market. To achieve this, I reuse code from my previous apps as much as possible. To make this code reusable and structured for me as for anyone. I built SwiftShip as a Swift UI boilerplate code. It includes pre-built features commonly needed in iOS mobile apps. It will save iOS developers hours of development time, research, effort, and headaches when building and shipping iOS apps. SwiftShip includes; 📲 Onboarding (single & multi-step onboarding) 💰 iAP Monetization 🔐 Authentication 📊 Analytics 🌠Lottie animations ⚙️ Settings screen 🔔 Push notifications & in-app messages 🛠️ More components & functions Would love to know your thoughts and feedback 🙏

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@ayoub_moustaid Feedback- I think these words in your tagline 'few days or hours' were confusing when I first saw it. While I understand why you have used it, I suggest sticking with just one-time frame. Congratulations on the launch!!

Congrats on launch! Would love to see Aptabase as an alternative for analytics too! 🙌

This looks fantastic! Can't wait to try it out. Any plans to expand its compatibility beyond iOS in the future?

Congrats on your awesome launch, Ayoub! I have been looking for something like SwiftShip for my first iOS app and I am really looking forward to using it. I would love to get in touch with you to explore it further.

Hey Ayoub, Congrats on SwiftShip! It's like you've bottled up all the good stuff from your years of iOS app grind and made it super easy for the rest of us to use. Seriously, saving hours of dev time? That's a game changer! Can't wait to dive in and see how SwiftShip turbocharges my next project. Keep rocking it!

Thanks for releasing this boilerplate.Definitely will share with our iOS development team.

Hey Ayoub, That's a smart approach to app development! SwiftShip sounds like a game-changer for developers looking to streamline their process. The included features cover a lot of ground. I'm particularly curious about the iAP Monetization aspect. How does it simplify the usual complexities involved in in-app purchases? Cheers for your hard work!