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No-code marketplace builder, fully extendable with code


Cut 90% of the time and cost to build and launch an online marketplace – without trading off customizability and scalability. Launch in one day with our no-code builder, and extend infinitely with custom code through our API-first developer platform.

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Hi Product Hunters! Juho here, CEO & co-founder of Sharetribe. Nine years ago, we launched our first product here on Product Hunt (hunted by @marckohlbrugge !) Back then, we advertised it as “the easiest way to start a marketplace business”. We’re still the easiest way to start, but… Even though “starting is half the battle”, it is still only half. Now, we are also the best at the other half: extending and scaling your marketplace business. With the new Sharetribe, you can now: 🚀 Launch a fully functional marketplace in one day, without coding Start at 90% done with all the essential marketplace features your business needs from day one. You only need to customize the look and feel –- without any coding. If needed, you can add hundreds of third-party services through Zapier. ⚙️ Extend your no-code platform infinitely with custom code Your platform is built on top of our headless marketplace solution. You can take full control of your user experience and design, build a mobile app, and create your ideal transaction flow. Anything you want. 📈 Scale your business to any size without worrying about infrastructure or performance Whether you have ten or a million users, you can easily manage them with world-class marketplace management tools from day one. Our hosted cloud infrastructure will maintain your marketplace backend at any scale. No need to worry about traffic spikes, performance, data security, or compliance. Focus on building your business instead. I’d love for you to check it out! I know that many of you have probably had an Airbnb/Uber for X type of idea? → Let’s hear it! 👇 Also, feel free to drop any questions you might have! We’ll be ready to honestly answer anything you throw at us and appreciate all the feedback we can get. Juho

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Hello, congratulations on your great launch, I have a couple of questions: 1) Is there a way to integrate your app in a pre-existing wordpress website? I have an adult website in wordpress where I wanted to add classified ads for instance + a buy/sell feet pics marketplace. If there was a way to embed your app in a page of my website that could work. I don't want to use a subdomain. 2) In a marketplace, where some people are paid and others pay and you get a commission in between, how's the whole payment situation organized? For instance, are you integrated with stripe? Do people automatically receive the money and invoices? Do I automatically receive the cut, is there an escrow in case the buyer doesn't receive the goods? I am trying to figure out how much manual work is behind this and how much will be taken care of by your app.

I used Sharetribe many years ago for a project. After researching loads of marketplace solutions, I found them to be the best, most flexible solution. Happy to see they are continuing to innovate and improve their solutions.

Sharetribe put me on my entrepreneurship journey and with them I opened my first startup! Good luck with your platform and happy to see you alive and blooming for so many years!

Very excited to get started. I tinkered around with the free trial a few months ago and was really impressed. Onboarding was superb, Slack community was very engaged and supportive.

Congratulations on the launch, it is a good software but not as customizeable or flexible as the images may appear. Sharetribe are mainly placing the user to use their specific template without a lot of coding knowledge you won't be able to make your marketplace unique compared to other Sharetribe users starting up. This may become a problem for example if someone wants to copy your idea and regarding the monthly price you could probably host this in WordPress with a few plugins for much lower monthly/yearly cost. It is a good software for MVP's and early starters but in the long run you should probably hire a coder. I am not sure how you would move your data from Sharetribe to your own databases and if they allow it, but hopefully they do.

great work you have done on the launching new release ,you can add hundreds of third-party services through Zapier

Congrats on launching, and I love how easy and simple it looks to use. For people like myself who are not well-versed in building websites and pages, it can be quite intimidating.

Amazing product.. All the things is clearly mentioned.... Thank you for sharing with us

"Exciting innovation! This no-code marketplace builder offers a seamless solution for entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life without the need for extensive coding knowledge. What sets it apart is its flexibility, allowing users to easily customize and extend functionality with code for those who desire more control. A game-changer for anyone looking to launch an online marketplace quickly and efficiently. #ProductHunt #NoCode #MarketplaceBuilder"