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Supercharge your money with the world’s first money router


Sequence allows you to bring together all your accounts; credit cards, loans, bank accounts, & money apps, into one place, create automations to boost savings, optimize finances, and automatically move money based on dates, balance status, and other criteria.

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Very cool product, definitely a win for folks with a bunch of bank accounts/tricky financial set-up. Pumped to use Sequence!

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👀 This looks cool, BUT please please please consider open sourcing your product for the good of humanity and treacherous evil of the banking system. ❤️ Otherwise we have to count on your company being around to do things as serious as routing our money. If your acquired or go out of business we would be potentially doomed. This is the only reason I would ***never*** use this product.

This is a super interesting idea. I'm surprised that all the financial institutions are open enough to allow a product like this to exist. From my experience, banks make transferring money out of their ecosystem as difficult as possible.

Sequence isn't just about managing your accounts – it's about transforming the way you approach your finances. With powerful automation tools, Sequence helps you take control, save smarter, and optimize your financial journey with ease.

Very awesome product, definitely a win for folks with a bunch of bank accounts/tricky financial set-up.

I want to take control and measure my cash flow ? when I can start to use it ? is there any fee or charge ? how about the banking acount protection ?

Cool product! It will also be useful for small companies to understand the flow of funds

I've been a paying customer for a while now. Overall, I'm very happy with it. There are some minor wrinkles here and there, but mostly as a result of the banking infrastructure they must depend upon rather than the service itself. The team is also very proactive about engaging with their early users. I've had some good conversations with them. They're working hard on their banking partners to iron out the wrinkles - and making headway. They're also receptive to different perspectives from their users, which is always refreshing. It is already very useful, and I'm excited to see how this evolves over time.

Congratulations on the impressive release of Sequence! This innovative platform is a game-changer, seamlessly bringing together all our financial threads into one powerful hub. The ability to consolidate credit cards, loans, bank accounts, and money apps is a real benefit for anyone looking to streamline their financial life.

Sequence consolidates credit cards, loans, bank accounts, and money apps into one place. It offers automated savings boosts, optimized finances, and intelligent money transfers based on dates, balances, and criteria. A game-changer for simplifying and optimizing your financial life. Highly recommended.

interesting idea to visualized money flow, i am a visual person, that provides me definitely a better overview than excel sheets, congratulations to your launch, top!!!!

I've honestly wanted this for years... I cannot tell you how many times I was frustrated that there was no easy way to build something like this. Automating deposits into my specific accounts, like for investing or other reasons, is game changing. I love the app and will definitely be looking into it more. Congrats on the successful launch today :) We launched our project Jellypod also today, if you have a chance to check it out! You're crushing us ;)