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Discover 150+ AI chatbots for customer support

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SaaS Chatbots is a platform for AI-powered customer support chatbots. Categorizing the best in customer support, sales, eCommerce, and marketing, it's a curated directory for businesses & SaaS companies to scale their support efficiently. 100% free to access.

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Hi Product Hunters! 👋 Navigating the world of AI customer support chatbots can be overwhelming. I realized the need for an easy-to-navigate, centralized platform where all the best AI-powered support chatbots could be explored. That's why I created SaaS Chatbots – a curated directory designed to help businesses and SaaS companies scale their customer support effortlessly. I've handpicked chatbots from categories like customer support, eCommerce, and sales & marketing, ensuring there's something for every business need. SaaS Chatbots is for founders, business owners, and anyone looking to enhance their customer support with AI. 🔍 Find the perfect chatbot for your business needs. 🤖 Scale your customer support with different options to choose from. 📂 Sort by category based on your needs. 💎 Discover new chatbots as they are added regularly. I've built this resource with 💙 and it's free to access. No payment required! I hope you find this resource valuable! 😊 Feel free to share any feedback and suggestions :)

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@brenkinfa Congrats on the launch! Seems like things went well on launch day! Really love the UI and the simplicity of this platform. Curious how you plan to differentiate from what is currently on the market?

This platform is a game-changer for businesses looking to scale their customer support efficiently. The curated directory of AI-powered chatbots for various categories is a valuable resource for SaaS companies. And the fact that it's free to access makes it even more appealing. Great job!

Congrats on the launch Bren! Can you share an example of how an AI-powered chatbot from the platform effectively addressed the unique needs in customer support, sales, eCommerce, or marketing for a particular business?"

Wishing you the best of luck on the launch of SaaS Chatbots! Congratulations on this milestone! May it revolutionize project management and bring success your way.