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No edit video creation

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Rizzle is a No Edit Video Creation platform that simplifies video creation using AI to help creative professionals scale content production and distribution. Rizzle helps you create copyright-compliant videos from text, podcast audio/video, or long-form video.

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Greetings hunters, We are excited to launch the future of video creation - “No Edit” style! By No Edit, we mean you never have to do painful timeline-based video edits to create a highly engaging video. Rizzle is the #1 platform for creating copyright-compliant videos for your social media, onsite presence, marketing, newsletters, and other needs. Start with a topic, blog post, text article, podcast audio, or video, and automatically generate videos of your desired duration. The generated videos will incorporate relevant media from stock libraries, your own media inputs or libraries, and community media. Rizzle is partnered with Getty Images to bring the world’s largest stock media library with over 500M images and videos, both editorial and creative, in all kinds of verticals. Whatever your industry is, we've got you covered! Behind the scenes, Rizzle combines large language models with in-house AI models, state-of-the-art NLP and machine learning algorithms, and advanced video technologies to automate the video creation process. Our goal is to bring video outputs that match the quality of a manually edited video from a professional process but do it within minutes, thereby helping you scale your content needs. Rizzle supports teams and custom branding and can create 4K high-resolution videos. Whether you are a marketing leader, social media manager, writer, YouTuber, or Podcaster, we invite all creative professionals to try out Rizzle! For Product Hunt visitors, enjoy 50% off the annual subscription to our Grow tier with the code Launch50 when you sign up on Rizzle by Feb 16, 2024. LINK:

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Great job on the launch, Vidya! The No Edit style sounds amazing, saving time and effort in video creation. Excited to try out Rizzle! Congratulations!

Hi Rizzle AI, congrats on such a great launch! Your tool seems useful and interesting! We will definitely give it a try. Good luck!

Congratulations on your launch! Revolutionize your video creation with Rizzle AI's no-edit platform, simplifying content production and distribution with copyright-compliant videos!

Congralutations on your launch today. Very Gorgeous tool ! All the best for launch today.

This one of the best AI platform. This is very useful for content creators like me. Congratulations!

What competitors are already on the market and what are your strengths and what are the strengths of your competitors? It’s very interesting to try! I love platforms like this! Well done!

I love how Rizzle simplifies video creation The AI feature is a game-changer and makes it easy to create copyright-compliant videos from text. Thank you for this amazing platform!

Congratulations on your launch! This tool is incredibly valuable! Best of luck...