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Retell AI

API that helps developers build human-like voice agents

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Retell AI provides an API that enables developers to build human-like voice agents. You can now build JARVIS from Iron Man in a day instead of months. Retell AI's response time averages 800ms, reaching the level of human interactions.

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🌟 Hi Product Hunt family! We are excited to launch our product - Retell AI: an API for building human-like conversational voice AI. 🌎 With the advancement of generative AI, we have witnessed significant growth in chatbot products that dominate the market. Simultaneously, voice AI has improved to the extent that smooth conversations with AI are now feasible. Many applications such as AI receptionists, AI interviewers, and AI sales emerge. ❓ Many developers may think that making a voice AI is easy, "If you just stitch together speech-to-text, LLM, and text-to-speech, then you can get the LLM to talk, right?" 🤔 Turns out, it's not that simple. Developers spend hundreds of hours on this but end up with robotic voices, long latency, awkward cutoffs, and speaking over each other, etc. There's actually a lot more going on in human conversation, which feels so natural to us that we don't consciously realize it. We made an API that allows developers to create the most human-like voice agents in a day instead of months: ✅ Response time averages 800ms; ✅ Realistic voice; ✅ Can handle interruptions; ✅ Seamless turn-taking. 🙏 Please take a look at the demo video or try a live demo on without signing in. Any thoughts? 🙌

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Congratulations on your launch! Empower your development projects with Retell AI's API and easily create human-like voice agents in record time. Elevate your applications to new heights of interaction with impressive response speeds.

I have just checked out your app. It is not too bad. In its early stages - right? From what I can gather after building non-code AI chatbots myself on VoiceFlow and BotPress - well a little code with API endpoints to connect apps. From the dashboard, it is not clear how you would allow business owners to set it up easily with an LLM. I think it needs to work on this area. If it has more functionality to use the app properly for a business. Would be the best. Just my opinion. Overall, the voice is not bad - the voice is clear, real, and fast to respond. The conversational assistant is based on how well your LLM is - right? I think you should use an even more detailed conversational AI for the demo, where you can ask it more questions about the service. I am just trying to help. I review a ton of AI apps.

good product, Congrats on the launch 🚀 Love the user-friendly experience and unique features. Great work!😎

Congratulations on the launch! 🎉 The voice quality is impressively fluent and natural, without a hint of robotic tone, and the speed is just perfect. 👌 After just one interaction, I must say this is one of the most impressive demos I've come across. I'm definitely going to use it. Fantastic job! 👏 Well done! 🚀

It is incredibly good! The live demo has super low latency and even can handle interruption. Great job, Retell AI.

Congratulations, that's a great achievement, enjoy the success of your great work.