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Organize, schedule and share posts on X for free in minutes

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Easily manage and distribute social posts on X with Reposter app! This self-hosted Next.js app has everything you need for organizing, scheduling, and sharing content for free in just minutes. Boost your presence on X by posting more consistently.

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Around a month ago, I made the decision to expand my audience on X. While observing the strategies of fellow users, it became clear that I needed publish valuable posts more often during the week. Furthermore, I found myself in need of a tool to save others' posts, allowing me to modify and republish them in the future. This tool wasn't just about saving; it had to effectively organize the posts. Unable to find any valuable free alternatives, I opted to develop my own solution, which could be published for free without incurring any server costs. This led to the creation of, a Next.js scheduler connected to a MongoDB database. The key features include: - Saving posts in the backlog - Body rewriting through ChatGPT - Scheduling posts for future publication - Instantly publishing posts - Themeable interface - Mobile-first UI It's now hosted for free on Vercel, with access to a free Atlas instance of MongoDB. Images are stored on S3. Essentially, I only pay (almost nothing) for ChatGPT calls. Now, I can schedule entire weeks of posts, organize them with tagging, and even rewrite them using the integrated ChatGPT. That's awesome. In line with the current trend, I opted for a one-time payment model and began selling access to the repository yesterday. This allows other X users to initiate their editorial calendar scheduling for free. What do you think?

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I always love to share post on X and I think this tool will help me. Thanks for launching this great project

First of all congratulations on the launch! This app is going to empowers you to effortlessly organize, schedule, and share social posts on X, enhancing your online presence with ease and efficiency.

Hello Team, Congratulations on the launch of! Your journey from identifying a personal need to developing a comprehensive solution for the community is truly commendable. As Shadman, with a track record of assisting businesses in similar domains, I'm intrigued by the potential of your tool to transform content management and republishing on platform X.