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Your graphical git client, reimagined

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RelaGit is a beautiful next-generation git client that empowers users to extend their workflows and achieve maximum efficiency.

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Hey all! Welcome to the Open Beta of RelaGit, we're so excited to have you! If you want to discuss anything or find any issues, please reach out at or withrela's twitter DMs. Grab your copy at

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Hey @thecommieaxolotl RelaGit truly redefines the Git experience with its intuitive graphical interface! Love the direction it's taking :) Wondering if integrating a feature for better branch management and conflict resolution could further simplify the dev workflow?

Cool product! Upvote for your great work. That looks really impressive, congrats! Looks cool! Great work

I'm still with IntelliJ interface as it's perfectly integrated. But opened for better.

@thecommieaxolotl Congratulations on your launch. Upvoted. Would love your support on our launch as well here: (Tigbar)

wow. this is great. I will definitely try this out. 🤩 congratulations on the launch!!

RelaGit seems like a promising addition to the world of version control systems. Its emphasis on user empowerment and workflow enhancement suggests a focus on delivering a more efficient and seamless experience for developers.

The sleek design of RelaGit definitely catches the eye. Congratulations on the launch!

Congrats on the launch and good luck!I've never been a fan of GUIs for source control, but I must say that this looks beautiful.

RelaGit is a game-changer for Git enthusiasts! 🖥️ A beautiful next-gen client that reimagines Git workflows, empowering users to maximize efficiency. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to a visually stunning and intuitive experience! 🌟 #RelaGit #GitClientRevolution 🚀