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Promptly AI

No-code platform for generative AI apps and workflows

Artificial Intelligence

Promptly, a no-code Generative AI platform, enables advanced app and workflow creation. Choose from popular LLMs, add data in any format, and use AI Agents for tasks from data retrieval to online form completion.

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Hey all! 🌟 I’m Vignesh, co-founder of Promptly What is Promptly?🚀 Promptly is a no-code Generative AI platform. It allows you to build applications or automate workflows without any coding! 🌈 With Promptly, you have access to all popular LLMs, AI agents, and a vast array of connectors, including private data imports, database connectors, and integration with enterprise tools like Slack, Discord, Twilio, etc. 💡 Why did we build this? 🌍 LLMs / Generative AI made AI accessible to all. We can use a large model out of the box without the need to train custom models. But when we tried to use Generative AI in our own projects, we realized there is still a lot of engineering work we need to do to make it work. It would require handling complex things like handling data, building a RAG pipeline, managing Vector DBs, etc. We also realized that this made Gen AI inaccessible to almost every non-engineer. That is when we realized the importance of abstracting out all the complexities involved in orchestrating Generative AI so people can focus on the problem they are solving instead of wasting resources on figuring out how to orchestrate Generative AI. We founded Promptly to truly make AI accessible by providing all the missing pieces above the LLM that are required to unlock workflows 🛠️✨ How does Promptly work? 🖥️ Visit us at Log in with your Google Account and explore diverse templates tailored for specific use cases. Fork and customize a template, or start from scratch and create something uniquely yours. 🌐🚧 Where Can I Learn More? 🌐 To dive deeper into Promptly and learn more about its capabilities, check out these resources: • YouTube Videos: Explore our YouTube channel for a collection of tutorial videos. 🎥 • Documentation Site: Visit our documentation site for detailed guides and information. 📚 Exciting Use Cases Built with Promptly 🎉 Our community has created an incredibly diverse array of innovative applications with Promptly. Literally, any application you can think of building or automating can be realized. 🚀 Here are a few standout examples: • Live Avatar by Heygen: This application uses AI-generated video to allow an avatar to answer questions live. 🤖🎙️ • AI SDR: A tool for outbound campaign personalization. It personalizes based on LinkedIn activity and sends emails through existing sequences on platforms like Hubspot and Apollo. 📧🎯 • Site Localization This tool automates the manual process of localizing websites, utilizing LLMs and offline jobs for efficient translation. 🌍🔁 • AI Search: Build an AI-powered search tool capable of answering questions from large volumes of content (terabytes). 🔍📚 • Whatsapp Automation: Answer questions asked by your customers instantly with an application trained with your private data. And many more... Try Some Example Apps! 🎯 • Voice Answers: Upload a file, ask a question and get a voice answer. • File Chat: Upload a file and ask any question. • Digital Marketing Assistant: Generate marketing content based on configurable parameters like social media, tone, etc. • Personalized Email using LinkedIn Activity: Enter Prospect's info, get a personalized email based on their LinkedIn activity • Internet Assistant: Ask anything. Agents will browse the internet and find the info for you. We're eager to hear your thoughts! 💬 • Join our vibrant Discord community 🎧 • Engage with us on Twitter 🐦 • Visit our LinkedIn page 📈 • Share your comments below! 💭

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Who is the target customer for this? What level of knowledge or expertise do they need to successfully deploy apps or workflows? I understand it's a no-code platform, but it still seems like someone needs to have deep awareness of what agents are capable of to actually take advantage of this platform's functionality.

Promptly AI impresses with its no-code Generative AI platform, offering a seamless avenue for advanced app and workflow creation. The ability to choose from popular language models, integrate diverse data formats, and employ AI Agents for various tasks highlights its versatility. It's a valuable resource for efficient and tailored AI solutions.

Very important Promptly AI — No-code platform for generative AI apps and workflows that work perfectly

Congratulations, Vignesh, on launching Promptly! Empowering non-engineers to harness Generative AI seamlessly is a game-changer. Wishing you great success!