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Build simple or advanced forms & approval flows with no-code

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Easily create great-looking web forms, collect information from users, and streamline your processes with Forms & Tasks, now available in PROCESIO - the no-code, low-code, and full-code platform that enables you to handle complex automation workflows with ease

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Hello, everyone! Marian here, Co-Founder & Deputy CEO of PROCESIO. I have to say - It's good to be back on Product Hunt - it feels like home 🙌 Today, we're revealing Forms & Tasks Designer in PROCESIO, which dramatically improves the way you collect information and streamline your processes. The key highlights of this new release are Drag-and-Drop Interface, Customization Options, Field Validation, Task Assignees, Approvals, Trigger processes with events, and others. Read more about Forms & Tasks on our documentation page: This new launch pushes the platforms' capabilities further into our vision - to be the #1 community-driven platform that handles simple and complex automation needs 🚀 As our users put it, PROCESIO is more than just a Zapier on steroids, it's a platform purposefully built to help anyone handle the complex automation scenarios that eventually every business has to take on. You might already know us from our past Product Hunt launch. Last year, when we won #1 Product of the Day thanks to an incredible community effort 🏆🙏 Special thanks to the LTD community which has been incremental in our growth, and to @saaswarrior , a leading voice in the community and on PH, for hunting us again. Join our beautiful, blooming community on Discord: With such a great community at our side, it's only fitting that we bring in a reward that will tickle your automation senses - a whopping 90% LIFETIME DISCOUNT 🙀🙀 You heard it right - sign up today, support our Product Hunt launch, and get 90% off your subscription cost, for life (when you pay annually). Just make sure to add the PRC-PH-90OFF Discount Code to your Cart at checkout or use this link directly: Thank you for being at our side on this amazing journey! You rock 💪 Marian PS: a big shoutout to our amazing team that has made this launch possible. They are ready for your feedback and thoughts in the comments @lizaveta_k @mihai_darzan @andrei_cs @cuore_nica @frankenrina @alexandru_gal @johnnyc16 @gabriel_georgescu @razvan_procesio @florentin_vencu @bianca_buta1 @ant011 @pcatalyn @alex_gavril1 @madalina_barbu @marinela_tache

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Exciting return to Product Hunt! Marian, Co-Founder of PROCESIO, unveils Forms & Tasks Designer with features like Drag-and-Drop, Customization, Field Validation, and more.

Congratulations on the launch. Procesio looks good for both coders and non-coders.

@nithin_jawahar Thank you for the warm words and congrats! We're excited to have you on board and can't wait for you to explore all the possibilities with PROCESIO. Let us know if you need any assistance along the way! 🚀

Congrats on the launch!I come across you just today,but as a make user I'm already superb thrilled at what you guys have built here. I can already see a variety of usecass using you from and documents designe❤️❤️