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PopAi is an AI workspace of the era, uniting reading, writing, and creation in one seamless platform. Fueled by cutting-edge LLMs, PopAi revolutionized workflows to improve user interactions, empowering them to concentrate on more advanced thinking.

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Hey Product Hunters!👋 I'm Ken, thrilled to unveil PopAi - our latest innovation designed for knowledge workers, researchers, and students. PopAi aims to transform how you engage with reading, writing, and creating content. It consolidates reading, writing, and creating into your personal AI workspace. Why PopAi?🚀 Older tools often leave us to tackle tedious tasks alone, creating what's known as the "blank page" problem: from brainstorming ideas individually to sifting through essential information while reading; from spending hours creating a single presentation slide, only to spend even more time on formatting adjustments. With the latest AI and large language models (LLMs), we've completely transformed workflows to enhance user interactions with software, enabling them to assign lower-skill tasks to an AI assistant and focus on higher-level thinking. Why choose PopAi? 🤔 While tools like ChatGPT and Office Copilot are familiar to many, PopAi offers similar interactions with GPT-4, GPT-4V, DALL·E 3 and more advanced models. Chatting is just the beginning. Beyond simple conversations, PopAi shines in summarizing and engaging with documents—academic papers, educational materials, or training resources. It's particularly adept at handling charts and diagrams within documents. Our AI-powered slide generation feature liberates you from the hassles of formatting. Moreover, PopAi is available as an iOS app and a Chrome extension, enabling you to read on your mobile device or capture information from websites directly into PopAi. We're also addressing the accuracy concerns associated with large language models (LLMs) by integrating web access and Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) technology. This ensures more accurate, real-time, and relevant information for your work. Key Features ✨ 🔥 Chat with Document: Not only does it offer superior document summarization and handle large documents with ease, but it also includes advanced OCR, multilingual support, and an innovative Image Question Answering feature for complex documents. 🔥 Presentation: Focus on sharing your ideas without worrying about formatting. Create an outline with a simple concept, and generate 10+ slides. Our premium templates eliminate the fuss over format adjustments. 🔥 Creation: Utilize diverse templates for various scenarios, like planning city walks, drafting resumes, or creating mindmaps. 🔥 ImageChat: Upload any image to gain insights. Whether it's analyzing diagnostic reports, recognizing intricate instruments, identifying locations, or supporting coursework, ImageChat has you covered. 👉 Experience how PopAi can boost your productivity: We value your feedback! Share how PopAi could fit into your workflow, highlight the features you love, and suggest areas for improvement.

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Hello everyone, I'm Luo, the founder of Jingle Bio ( I am excited to introduce you to PopAi - your AI workspace that combines reading, writing, and creating all in one platform. Powered by GPT-4 and other advanced LLMs, PopAi has transformed workflows to enhance user interactions with the software. It allows users to delegate routine tasks to an AI assistant so they can focus on more complex thinking. We invite you to give PopAi a try! Your feedback is incredibly valuable as the team at PopAi continuously works towards improving the product. Best regards, Luo from Jingle Bio

Great, friendly user interface and I can’t wait to delve into the product even more!

I am excited to introduce you to PopAi - your AI workspace that combines reading, writing, and creating all in one platform.

PopAi One of the best platforms specialized in integrating reading, writing and collecting data using AI technology in a safe and secure manner. Thanks absolutely!

Congratulations for the launch! PopAI is a truly promising product. Excited for its growth in the future

Congratulations on the launch! PopAi is truly revolutionary, serving as a game-changer in its field. I'm particularly impressed by its comprehensive features, which streamline my daily tasks and especially aid in presentations during significant events.