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Picurious AI

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Artificial Intelligence

Picurious leverages GPT-4V, turning photos into learning moments. Get instant answers, insights, and inquisitive questions about your pictures, and easily identify any object, plant, or text.

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Hello everyone! 👋 How are you all doing? I'm excited to unveil our newest innovation, Picurious, today. Picurious leverages cutting-edge AI to turn any photo into a learning moment. It quickly provides answers, insights, and three questions about the image, helping you identify unknown objects, flora, fauna, or words. Imagine this: during a walk, you encounter something fascinating but have no idea what it is. Enter Picurious! Whether it’s an unidentified plant or a foreign term, just take a picture, and voila, you get all the info you need. It's that easy! This amazing app is perfect for everyone: 🌟 The perfect learning partner for students, world travelers, and the always busy! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Super user-friendly and fun! 🔍 Outstanding image recognition with GPT-4V tech. 🌍 Supports chat in multiple languages. 🎓 Meet your 24/7 AI tutor. 🔒 Your privacy is our top priority. 🆕 Constantly updating with new and exciting features. Join us for an endless journey of discovery! 🚀 Thanks for your steadfast support!

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Glad you guys could leverage AI in aesthetics. So happy about the launch... Success! 🤗

Congratulations🥳 can I use it offline too? or is it that internet connection is mandatory

It would have been better if the app also works on website as downloading and installing the app requires extra effort

Congrats on the launch! Fantastic how it transforms simple photos into learning opportunities. Curious to know what types of images are recognised easily and which you are finding need more context or improvement?