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Pictory GPT for Videos

Quickly create stunning videos right in ChatGPT

Artificial Intelligence

Generate engaging video from your ideas or assets in minutes. Powered by ChatGPT and optimized for video by Pictory. Easily target your content by audience, language, platform, use case, and more. Copyright free.

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Hi Product Hunters! I've been a longtime user of Pictory and have seen the platform evolve from a simple text-to-video tool to a full-blown browser-based AI video creator. Excited to share them with you all. Vikram, Abid, and Vishal are great technical founders who truly understand Product. I've used their new GPT that creates videos directly in ChatGPT and it's mindblowing. I know this community will be able to make them even better - let them know your feedback.

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i really looks amazing, can't wait. I think anything that will streamline my making of content is a welcome for me. As long as everything is "accurate" when the production of a video, i looking forward to using it!!

Will it be possible after creating videos to use them for personal favourites, projects, youtube and more ?

lovely and easy to use navigate and learn. this service is so useful especially when creating well informative treatment story tells for patients who often doesnt have the world vacabolay

@vikcha Is there a way to try this feature on Pictory app as a subscriber. As I am only on Open Ai's ChatGPT 3.5 and not on Chatgpt Plus.

@vikcha I have a Pictory account but not on ChatGpt Plus (currently On 3.5), Is there a way to try is feature?

Great tool guys, I am a marketing guy and always tiered to wait for video from the designers. let me try this.

Did you create the video you used on your website using Pictory? If yes, I think you have reached PMF, if not, work is required on this. I have honestly tried quite several such tools, but none has delivered what was expected, including those integrated with GPT.