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Bring your store to life with interactive, shoppable videos


Turn your site into a binge-worthy experience. Create interactive, shoppable videos in a snap. Embed or share anywhere as a link. Add video commerce to your site in minutes and deliver immersive experiences your customers will absolutely love.

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Hey PH Community, I’m Cedric, co-founder at Pebble. Today, we are super excited to launch Pebble, an interactive, short-video commerce platform for brands and retailers. Where It Began The original idea came from helping our friend's ecommerce store - he was creating plenty of Tiktok videos last year and he wanted help adding them to his store (minus the ads). Existing solutions were either too expensive with impression-based charging, or were too cumbersome for his marketers to use. At the time we were working on an interactive microsite builder that was also video focused, so we thought - why not? We started first with stories format videos and carousels with a focus on no-code customization in terms of appearance. The results were amazing, up to 4x longer time spent on page, and it boosted his conversions by 10% almost immediately. Yea, so we pivoted :) The Main Idea Long-form videos, static images and text walls are a thing of a past. We believe short-form videos are so much more immersive and offer a better customer experience today than any other medium. It's crazy that such a strong storytelling format isn't seen on more websites. It's one of the reasons we have a free plan - so people can use and see the impact immediately. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to create and deliver interactive short-form videos that makes an impact on their business with no coding required. With Pebble you can, - Create video stories and carousel embeds to bring your website to life - Turn your videos shoppable or interactive (branching paths, CTAs) to capture more sales - Track all your videos to find best performing ones - with native analytics - Customize any video's appearance with a single click - no need to keep bugging your developer What sets us apart, - High quality compression and delivery on any device - Detailed analytics - CTRs, view times, completion rates, bounce rates, conversions (with our Shopify add-on) - Affordable pricing based on real clicks, not impressions - Built-in product manager + auto sync with Shopify product lists - On-brand appearance customization and animation options - Our hands-on support and best practices onboarding Easily embed with 2 lines of code with no impact on site speed, or share anywhere with a link. Check out some live examples at We've just scratched the surface and we promise there is a lot more to come. Your feedback would be invaluable to us while we continually improve the platform 🙏 🎁 As a token of our appreciation for the amazing PH community, we are offering 30% off our paid plans with the code "PH30PROMO" 🎉 We are here hanging out in the chat threads all day and would love to know your thoughts on Pebble. Do drop your feedback. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you!

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Absolutely, video has emerged as the premier marketing asset, and it's exciting to witness innovative products that enhance video creation accessibility. Kudos on the launch, @cedric2! The incorporation of interactive features adds a delightful dimension to the experience.

Very excited to start using this! I have been waiting for something like this for a while. Keep up the great work.

Pebble App looks promising, but a more detailed tutorial or onboarding process could assist users in understanding the full range of functionalities. Clear instructions would optimize the user experience, especially for new users.

I am so excited to try this with my friends. We live in discord, so this is exciting for us!

I can definitely see these videos flowing in my Instagram stories haha! Curious are these AI generates?

Hellow little cousin your product sounds great, and we got a twin name here mine is The Pebbles and yours is Pebble. What a weird mutual co incident? By the way congratulations on your launch.

Upvoted! Really recommend this. Great and easy to use with its ready-to-use template.

Elevate your online store experience with Pebble's innovative shoppable videos, bringing a new level of interactivity and engagement to your customers.