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One Minute Focus

Increase mental focus in 1 minute

Health & Fitness

Look at the dot (and simultaneously breathe/meditate) for 1 minute to improve focus for your next task

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I don't know about the others, but for me, IT WORKSS !!! In just one minute I felt much more serene and confident, as if I had no worries at all. I think it would work 3x better if there was a little background music like birdsong or the sound of the ocean. You made a great job @junetic ✨✨✨

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Congratulations on the launch! Can't wait to try this product. To test my mental health.

Just tried this and it's amazing! I love the minimal interface that prevents folks from getting distracted before actually doing the exercise. Would love to see something like this integrated into my daily task list! Or even something like Focusmate.

Good job. Mindfulness on the internet is something that we rarely discuss, even though it is a cause of a lot of our problems. So I congratulate you for this launch, I will try to make products that deal with this too. As one comment already noted, the timer on the bottom is a bit distracting. Because it constantly keeps on changing it attracts your attention. I think you should try to replace it with a progress bar or include some type of progress indicator in the circle. But it shouldn't be too distracting. Good luck !

What about removing the timer below the dot? I find myself looking at the timer and losing focus.

This is the most innovative launch I've ever seen! Continue rocking, good luck guys.