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Morning Maker Show

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We keep everyone updated on cool makers and their great products. Sometimes we can be funny too.

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We build, we learn, we fail, we win. Well The Morning Maker Show is here to discover and share your success with the world. We started the show because we are excited about great makers and discovering the best products in the community. And, as I said, we try to make it fun and interesting, even for our moms. Now, we've gone a step further. We want to take the Making Maker Show to another level and partner with great people who can support our growth and sponsor the show, working closely with us. So, if you're up for the challenge, let's have fun. Also, we have a great newsletter with a 64% open rate. So, make sure to subscribe and join the party. Love, Dan and Sandra

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Haven't yet listened to any episode, but you guys are very appealing. Bookmarked to check out the podcast, cheers!

Congratulations Dan and Sandra! Looking forward to seeing you at X’s space 🎉🎉🎉

The best buildinpublic show. Must for all the indie hackers. Congratulations on the launch👍

Where do you share this, sir? On what social media, sir? Sorry, I still don't understand your project, but I really appreciate the ideas in your project.

Such a good show! The vibe of this show is so great, so wholesome...just an all-round community feel, good banter, and highlights interesting projects, accomplishments and people! It's always in my podcast queue! 🎉

This is such a wholesome podcast ❤️ and definitely one of the standouts among the indie hacker community. Keep it up :)