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Create video ads from URLs: Web, App store, Playstore

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Artificial Intelligence generates influencer-style video ads in minutes. Only enter your product URL. So far, we generated 10K+ ads for 1K+ users. Our Ads are performing like human ads but are way cheaper and quicker. First Ad is free - looking forward to your feedback!

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Hey, PH fam! A couple of months ago, I went crazy, spending $500 and waiting 3 weeks for a video ad. Now, we used Generative AI to change this… Long story short: I realised we could do the whole thing with AI. Initially, I did a few AI Ads by hand, and guess what... these ads outperformed our human ads by a 34% better CTR. This is how was born! We automated everything end-to-end. What took three weeks, takes minutes today and costs only a few dollars. Main Benefits: 🔗 Only enter a URL (website or app) 💰 Far cheaper, much faster than humans 📝 More control - Modify script, add backgrounds Some Use Cases 🧪 Experimental Ad Testing (fast) 🏎️ Quick, Cheap, Engaging Ad Creation 🎯 Hyper targeting - Tailor ads to specific customer segments First Ad is free! Questions? Feedback? Insights? Let us know 🫶 It's my first PH launch, so I double appreciate any feedback and supporter 🫶

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Does it work in French? How good is the storytelling? Does it really perform? How do you measure ad performance?

This will be an amazing item for us to create video adds by using URLs... Thanks a lot for this item...

Wow brilliant! I can't believe this! No need edit, no need to think. Just input the URL and boom here's the video you requested. Congratulations on the launch! Thank you

This is a relief. This is great for those who make videoes & post om social media.. also the first ad is free for the user. I'll love to use it.

This is an amazing.. I'll try it for sure, also the website is so well-designed. Congrats guys..

Hey, congratulations on the launch! Tested it and result looks quite good! Kudos! Out of curiosity, what's the tech stack/AI model behind the scene? Cheers!

That's tool is just amazing! I'll try it for sure, also the website is so well-designed. Congrats guys!