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Kuasar Video AI

Social media video analytics with Video AI

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With Kuasar Video, analyze tens of thousands of social media videos of you and your competitors with artificial intelligence. Get insights from video AI technology without the need to watch tens of thousands of video data!

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🚀 Exciting news on Product Hunt! Get ready to supercharge your videos on social media with our amazing AI marketing tool. It's not just about numbers – it's about creating an awesome experience for both creators and viewers. Our AI goes deep into your videos on social media, understanding all the details for a complete picture. Why Us? 🔍 Deep Video Analysis: Our smart tech breaks down visuals, really getting what your video is all about on your social media platform. 🎯 Audience Preferences: We figure out exactly what your audience loves and prefers by looking at the engagement rate and scoring part.Then, we help you create your content and marketing strategy to fit their expectations perfectly. 🚀 Content Recommendations: Get smart suggestions based on what your audience likes. That means more satisfaction and engagement. 📊 Real-time Analytics: Stay ahead with live dashboards showing how your videos are doing. Adjust on the fly by keeping an eye on click-through rates, view duration, ability to adjust trends. 🌐 Personalization Engine: Make your viewers happy with personalized content recommendations based on their preferences on your social media. 📈 Market Research Integration: 🌐 Market Insights: Our tool goes beyond your videos, giving you insights into broader industry trends. 📈 Competitor Analysis: Stay a step ahead by checking out your competitors. Understand their strategies and find opportunities to stand out. 🔍 Content Trend Analysis: Know what's hot in the market by diving into in-depth content trend analysis. Adjust your strategy to match what's grabbing audience attention. Why Choose Us? 🚀 Boost Engagement: Create content that truly connects, leading to more engagement and viewer. 💡 Maximize Impact: Understand trends and preferences with AI, making sure your videos are genuinely enjoyed by your audience, boosting conversion rates and making a bigger impact with your marketing strategy. 🔄 Optimize Strategies: Adapt on the go with real-time analytics, refining your content strategy based on evolving tastes and trends. Shortly, our video AI too transforms your content creation and marketing, with the added bonus of powerful market research. Unlock your video's full potential, understand your audience and industry like never before. Join us on Kuasar Video and revolutionize your approach to marketing! 🎥✨ #VideoAI #MarketResearch #ProductHuntLaunch

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Congratulations on the launch! You would need to provide specific data sources to run the analysis?

Hey, take my congratulations on the launch 🚀 Nice service, definitely will try it!

We use Instagram for marketing. We both save time and grow faster than we targeted.

Kuasar Video is like having a super smart video expert friend! @ali_osman_alpagu , you've really made our work easier with your cool video technology. No more struggling through tons of videos - thanks Kuasar for the great insights!

@ali_osman_alpagu Congrats on the launch! Looks like a really neat product but I am curious as to who this is for primarily - what is the target demo for a product like this (just super curious)