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Katalist AI Storytelling Studio

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Artificial Intelligence

Katalist is an AI storytelling platform that allows anyone to create engaging visual stories. Enjoy complete control over camera angle, posture, and composition with no AI experience required. With automatic character, scene, and style consistency.

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Hey, Product Hunt community! 👋 If you are reading this you are most likely already using visual generative AI tools. We found that it was very hard or practically impossible to create a longer consistent story with currently available AI tools. That's why we dedicated a year to building the Katalist Storytelling Studio. Welcome to the future of AI video production. Here, you'll find the power to bring your scripts and stories to life. What's different about Katalist? ✅ Turns your script to a visual storyboard (no prompting required) ✅ Automatically extracts your characters and scenes from your stories and keeps them consistent ✅ Better user interface for longer visualizations ✅ Instantly present storyboards What kind of control over your storytelling process does it offer? ⚙️ Change characters or scenes while keeping the context of the frame the same ⚙️ Control angle and camera ⚙️ Character posing tool - control the posture of your characters ⚙️ Allows for angle and camera control ⚙️ Supports different styles What's coming next? Based on the requests we received from our discord community Generate video from storyboard Generative fill Custom characters Voiceover generation As a special thank you to the Product Hunt community we are giving away 50 generation credits and 20% off the paid plan to everyone who signs up. Our team is here to answer all your questions throughout the day in the comments. For direct contact, reach out to me at [email protected] or [email protected]. Reach new heights in AI storytelling. Start visualizing your video ideas today.

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Loving the idea! Does Katalist offer integration with video editing software for further production steps?

Well done congrats to Andraz and the team 🙌, it was amazing to see the progress from the very start.

Congratulations on the launch! I love you added the singular scene editing and modifications, looks very intuitive.

Hey @andrazz The ease of visualizing scripts with Katalist is honestly phenomenal! I'm curious, have you considered integrating collaborative features for teams to work together on projects? This could further enhance its utility, making it a go-to tool for creative teams worldwide :)