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Open-source ChatGPT alternative that runs 100% offline

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Jan runs 100% offline on your computer, utilizes open-source AI models, prioritizes privacy, and is highly customizable.You can download Jan for Windows, Mac or Linux. Mobile coming soon.

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Im just a user. User-Friendly Interface:’s design makes interaction a breeze. No steep learning curves—just dive right in! Cross-Platform Compatibility: Whether you’re on Windows, Mac, or Linux, has you covered. Multiple Models: Access a repository of LLM models effortlessly. The power of choice at your fingertips. ChatGPT Support:’s integration with OpenAI’s API brings ChatGPT into the mix. 100% Free & Open Source: is committed to democratizing AI. No paywalls, just pure accessibility. Offline Use: Take wherever you go—even when the internet doesn’t. Offline support for the win! 🌐 Kudos to the team for creating a rad project! 🤖🎉 hardware requirements: discord: they are hiring:

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Awesome product! Works flawlessly, simplest local AI I've installed so far. Missing some key functionalities though like image upload, document etc.

Jan is a software product that appears simple, but its capabilities are limitless. Key Features: 1. Open-source product: This product's open-source code ensures transparency in the development process, as the team works cohesively and passionately, allowing for continuous expansion of its capabilities. 2. Architecture: Jan consists of two components - the UI (Jan with dialogues) and Nitro (a extension for loading local models). This approach is advantageous as it allows more flexibility in tackling tasks. For instance, if I need something that's not available in Jan, as a developer, I can directly use Nitro, keeping me within the same stack rather than switching between several. 3. API: Jan supports an API that is compatible with OpenAI. This is a competitive advantage for those who wish to transition from cloud-based models like ChatGPT to local ones as the adaptation process would not require significant resource investments. Take note that Jan is designed for the usage of AI models in offline mode, which means certain tasks previously resolved by cloud-based AI owners would need to be done. 1. Finding suitable hardware. In reality, a modern laptop from Apple or a PC with a fast CPU and (or) fast graphics card will suffice. A lot depends on the AI models - you can run an extremely "simple" model on a mobile processor or something more advanced, comparable to ChatGPT 3.5, on a group of powerful graphics cards. The development of Jan at the time of my review is actively ongoing, so it's currently impossible to list all compatible hardware. I am certain that support will eventually cover a wider range of devices. 2. Choosing an AI model. This is quite debatable because the number of available models is significant, and new ones appear regularly. Some resemble ChatGPT 3.5 in tests while others are good at solving only specific tasks. This isn't something Jan is obligated to help with. What's important is that it allows the user to launch arbitrary AI models, and this is its true value. As a user, I prefer to use Jan specifically because it allows me to be independent from cloud AI models. I can be assured that the confidentiality of processed information will not be compromised. It's gratifying to realize that what you send in the dialog box will not be used for analyzing model behavior, will not be used to train other AI models, and will not be used for marketing purposes.

This sounds great! I appreciate the focus on privacy and the use of open-source AI models. The fact that Jan runs offline and is highly customizable is also a big plus.Congratulations on the launch!

Congratulations on the launch! It is going to revolutionizes AI with its offline capabilities, open-source models, privacy focus, and cross-platform availability, ensuring seamless integration into your computing experience.

Hi, member of the core team here. Thank you for hunting us! What a lovely surprise to wake up to on Sunday :) Linking our Discord here for folks who need troubleshooting or feature requests: